10 Step-by-Step Scheduling Templates for Excel

September 30, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

Scheduling projects can be challenging, but software can make it easier. You can use project scheduling templates for Excel to get started if you aren't quite ready to make the leap to online project scheduling software.

To assist you in managing every phase of your project, the WPS office offers dozens of free scheduling templates for excel. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of scheduling templates. Let’s check out the list of the scheduling templates for excel!

1.Class Schedule Curriculum Template

With this handy, accessible template, you can keep track of your weekly classes. Use this Excel class schedule template to create a college class schedule or a student schedule.

2.Business Trip Schedule Template

Do you plan to travel for business? With WPS's Business Itinerary PDF Template, employees and executives can keep track of travel arrangements and appointments. Have a look at this template!

3.Basic Work Schedule Template

You can save time by using a free basic work schedule template instead of having to create one from scratch. The templates below can be downloaded for Excel or Google Sheets, depending on your business hours and scheduling pattern (such as one-day, weekly, 24/7, and shift).

4.Natural Fresh Class Schedule Template

Check out WPS Office templates to get inspired, and then customize your favorites to give students in print or digital format. Take a closer look at this Natural Fresh Class Schedule Template!

5.Creative Schedule Curriculum Template

Easily customize these schedule templates to organize your classes, projects, or meetings. You can choose from several colorful schedule templates for daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Explore this WPS’s free Creative Schedule Curriculum Template!

6.Cute Daily Schedule Template

Have you ever kept a daily planner? It is important to know that you should maintain it regardless of whether you maintain it or not. To maintain your daily schedule use this cute daily schedule template!

7.Monster Schedule Curriculum Template

If you’re looking for a monster template then you’ve come to the right place because WPS provides a free online Monster Schedule Curriculum Template that help to design several monster flyers!

8.Useful Study Schedule Template

Students often find it difficult to study their lessons due to time constraints. When you don't manage your time correctly as a student, you can find yourself in stressful situations. An effective study plan template will help you achieve more in the time allotted to you in order to avoid these situations.

9.Fixed Asset Inventory Schedule Template

Use WPS Office's Fixed Asset Schedule Template management capabilities to keep track of all your IT and non-IT assets, including your software licenses. Must try this template!

10.Pink Watercolor Weekly Schedule Template

The pink watercolor weekly schedule poster template we offer is professionally designed and easy to customize even if you have no design experience. On WPS, you can choose from a variety of poster templates. 

Wind Up

I hope you would like the above-mentioned scheduling templates for excel that you can find on WPS Office. Go and download the WPS Office and use its free online templates. You can also share your views about this guide in the comment section.