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5 Ways to reduce an Excel file size

July 22, 2022

Everybody has an Excel file that is too big. Everything takes twice as long since it takes minutes to open or save them. Workbooks with high file sizes would operate significantly more slowly thats why its better to reduce an Excel file size.

It would be difficult to share such enormous files with your coworkers, especially if they were larger than 60 to 70 MB. Therefore, it's crucial to keep file sizes as little as possible while creating your financial models. You can use a number of the techniques described below to reduce an excel file size.


Reduce Excel File Size By Consolidating the file


A document's file size is generally reduced by 10% to 15% when it is compressed into a zip file. Despite the fact that this superfluous approach does not speed up the Excel worksheet, it greatly facilitates document sharing. The Excel file may be sent to a compressed (zipped) folder by right-clicking it and selecting that option from the Send to menu. In this way, you can reduce an Excel file size.


Reduce Excel File Size By Remove formatting

Although adding formatting to an Excel spreadsheet, such as borders, highlights, and conditional formatting, enhances its aesthetic appeal, it also increases the file size. Removing this formatting would reduce an Excel file size.

To remove the formats from selected cells, use the Clear Formats button in the Editing subsection of the Home tab.

You may utilise the Clear Rules button in the Style section under the same tab to remove conditional formatting.

Reduce Excel File Size By Remove spreadsheets, data, and formulas that are not essential


The size of an Excel file is directly connected to the number of worksheets and the quantity of data it contains. The quickest and easiest approach to minimise the size of an excel file is to delete any worksheets and data that are unneeded.

To reduce the file size, superfluous formulae might be converted into values. To accomplish this, copy the chosen cells, then paste them as Values in the Paste Options tab. Ctrl + Alt + V + V is the shortcut for this action.

Reduce an excel file size: Changing pointless formulae to values.

It is necessary for financial models to be flexible and adjust to changes in inputs. Before transforming the formula into a fixed value, it is crucial to determine if the number in the cell is sensitive to inputs or assumption changes.


Reduce Excel File Size By Removing duplicates

To reduce an Excel file size by removing duplicates that are mentioned multiple times and creating a separate file for them and mentioning the number of times its repeated in order to reduce the file size.


Reduce Excel File Size By Photo compression


  1. Choose a photo from your document. The ribbon displays the Picture Format tab.

  1. Select the Compress Pictures option.

  1. Go for compress all pictures or selected pictures according to your wish.

  1. Tap OK. Check the screen shots below:

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