Add a row excel using shortcut on mac

August 1, 2022

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Sometimes it is necessary to add a row excel when working with large amounts of information within the same document, especially the list forms. Fortunately, this function can be applied to WPS Office documents and other versions, providing the opportunity to eliminate any type of limitation that arises when working.

In the long term, add a row excel can work for any type of work within a spreadsheet, thus expanding a spreadsheet in the best possible way. Keep reading and find out everything you need to add a row excel Mac and from Windows too.

How to add a row excel in its basic form?

This procedure for add a row excel 2019 is applicable for Mac and Windows devices, using the simple tools that are available to achieve it as follows:

Find the file you are going to work on from your computer's browser.

Open the file, making sure it is the correct one.

Select the sheet in which you will insert rows, giving the choice in the lower left corner where you will see all the available tabs.

Select a fix in the number that of the fix that is located on the left side of the screen.

Right-click on the row you selected, bringing up a menu.

Click Insert, placing a row above the one you selected.

How to add a row excel with several more in the same selection?

To make the work even easier when add a row excel 2016 or other versions, you can add the rows in several amounts to place them all at once. To do this, the following process is used:

Open the Excel file you are going to work on.

Select the spreadsheet you want to work on, choosing from those at the bottom of Excel.

Shade the number of rows you want to insert, shading the existing rows.

Right click on the selected rows, bringing up a menu.

In the menu select the Insert option, thus resulting in the new rows in the document to work with.

How to add a row excel non-adjacently?

Finally, the one way to add a row excel online or from any operating system is in a non-adjacent way, being different from the 2 previous modalities and being as follows:

Find the Excel file where you want to add the rows.

Open the file by double clicking on it.

Select the sheet in which you are going to add the rows at the bottom of the Excel.

Select the rows by pressing the CTRL key and select the non-adjacent rows with the left mouse button.

Right click on the selected rows, bringing up a menu.

Press Insert and you will see the number of rows above the ones you have selected.

With these functions you will be able to add a row excel individually, with several rows at the same time and in the center of the spreadsheet, especially this last option to eliminate the option of having to shade the numbers in each row. You can apply it with WPS Office and any other online program such as Google functions, very common for those who work with their tools on a daily basis.

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