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Add bullets in excel cell

August 1, 2022

One function requiring more delicate procedures is adding bullets in excel since it involves processes that can be done based on keyboard shortcuts that are very useful to save time. There are different ways to do it, especially in WPS Office, with great work tools when working with Excel.

The 3 forms of add bullets in excel make it possible to use the one that is most convenient on the device being used, expanding the opportunity to facilitate the function without too many problems. If you want to know them, keep reading to know every detail.

How to add bullets in excel using keyboard shortcuts?

This is the easiest way to add bullets in excel 2019, being in the following simple steps:

1. Select the cell and press one of the following combinations on the keyboard number pad:

- Alt+7 or Alt+0149 for you to insert a solid bullet.

- Alt+9 to insert an empty cell.

Note: these bullets can make into some fancy Excel bullets like:

2. Once the bullet symbol is placed in the cell, the fill handle can be dragged so that it is copied to the adjacent cells.

3. In case of using non-adjacent bullets, select a cell with the bullet symbol and press Control+C on the keyboard, select other cells where you want the bullets, and press Control+V to place the Symbol.

4. For bullets in the same cell, insert the first bullet by pressing Alt+Enter on the keyboard, thus giving a line break. Thus, you will be able to use the previous combinations to insert the second bullet, thus giving a complete list of the bullets in a single cell.

How to add bullets in excel using the Symbol menu?

In case you do not have a numeric keyboard to add bullets in excel 2016 or you do not know the combination of the keys naturally, there is another simple way to achieve it:

1. Select the cell in which you will add the bullet, and in the Insert tab in Symbols, click on Symbol.

2. Select the Symbol you want to use in the bullets and press Insert, then close the Symbol dialog. In case it is difficult to find the bullet icon in the symbols, you can write the following codes in the Character Code option:

4. If you add bullets in excel online in the same cell, select the Symbol you want and press Insert several times. Thus, you will place the cursor between the first and second symbols, pressing Alt+Enter to move the second bullet to a new line.

How to add bullets in excel in a text box?

If you are used to using a text box in these documents, you have a simple way to add bullets in excel Mac or Windows, being as follows:

1. Go to Insert, Text, and click on Text Box.

2. On the sheet, click where you want the box and enlarge the size you want. Thus, you can write the elements you want in the box, select the lines you want to turn into bullets, right-clicking on them, and then press the small arrow in Bullets.

3. You can choose any of the predefined points. As you scroll through the various bullets, the document will preview in the text box; you can create your type of bullet by clicking on Bullets and numbering and then clicking Customize.

You can apply these 3 modalities to add bullets in excel whenever you want and need them. Although some are simpler, they are all functional, given the need to have the right tools to give details to the document when you need them.

You can also download WPS Office to edit the documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free. Download now! And get an easy and enjoyable working experience.

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