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Add drop down list excel with multiple selection

July 22, 2022

It might be the right time for you to learn add drop down list Excel quickly and try to take advantage of the tool at work. Knowing how to add drop down list Excel will allow you to organize various things in your work very precisely. However, creating a dropdown list can be tedious, especially when you don't have enough Excel experience.

It is time for you to quickly learn how to add drop down list Excel Online through an effective method. In turn, you will discover how to enter data in the dropdown list manually and how to add an input message.

How to add a dropdown list in Excel?

To add drop down list Excel Mac or on your Windows computer, you need to apply the following steps:

1. Open the Excel document where the data you want to add to the dropdown list appears. You will have to select the cell where you want to place the elements of the dropdown list; cell A1 was used in this case.

2. Now go to the data tab that would be between formulas and review.

3. Within data, you will locate the data validation option that would be within the data tool group.

4. A dedicated box for data validation will open where you will have to focus on the settings tab and then on allow to select list.

5. You must select the source list by clicking on the source box.

6. You will need to select the cells you want from the dropdown list. Finally, click accept.

How to manually enter data into the Excel dropdown list?

Now that you fully understand how to add drop down list Excel 2016, you will be interested in knowing how to enter other data manually. To fulfill this purpose, you will need to do the following:

1. First of all, you will have to check that the previously created dropdown list does not accept that you add other data. To do this, you will have to select the dropdown list and try to enter new data to check if the error alert appears; otherwise, you have to configure it.

2. You must go to the Data tab, then to data validation, and select error alert in the box.

3. Eventually, you will have to check show error alert after entering invalid data. Then you will have to add a title or error message in the respective boxes. Finally, click ok and save the changes.

How to add an input message inside the dropdown list in Excel?

Understanding perfectly how to add drop down list Excel 2019 or in the version you have, you will be interested in knowing how to add an input message. To fulfill this purpose, it is essential that:

1. Create your dropdown list in Excel, but don't save the changes before modifying the values in the input message.

2. Go to the input message tab within data validation and indicate the comment in the corresponding box. Now you have to click ok and save changes.

It is good to know how to add drop down list Excel after knowing the steps dictated by experts in the field. You have to practice what you have learned and expect the best results after opening your Excel document.

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