Are WPS Office and Kingsoft Office the same thing

April 7, 2022

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In fact, WPS Office and Kingsoft Office are the same thing. It's just that overseas prefer to use kingsoft Office. Do you know what is the meaning of WPS Office? Today, this article will introduce to you an introduction to WPS Office.

What is WPS Office?

At present, there is so muc office software in our daily life. The powerful and easy-to-use office software is influencing our work and study, that is WPS Office. WPS Office is an office suite that includes Writer, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint and PDF Editor. You can use it for free. WPS Office simplifies many functions so that those people who don't receive a high education can use WPS Office smoothly. What's more, you can come to WPS Academy to learn more about how to use WPS Office.

Why is WPS Office the best alternative to Microsoft Office?

First of all, WPS Office is a free office software that has almost the functions that Microsoft Office has. Additionally, WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can open any format of Microsoft Office in WPS Office.

What's more, WPS Office has many unique functions that is convenient for us to use in our daily work and study. For example, WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS PowerPoints are gone, and all are unified for WPS Office. You can create new tags such as Writer, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoints to display in the same tab bar, and you can switch tabs at will. Last but not least, WPS Office has a special homepage that brings together many of the common functions and daily operations of the WPS Office.

Therefore, according to the above advantages of WPS Office, in my opinion, it is a good choice to use WPS Office.

What are the disadvantages of WPS Office?

Although WPS Office is a good alternative to Microsoft Office, WPS Office has some disadvantages. For example, because WPS Office is for free, sometimes there will always be some ads popping up. Don't worry about this. If you don't want to see these ads, you can download the WPS Office Premium APK.

How to download WPS Office?

Talking so much about WPS Office, do you know how to download WPS Office? You can directly click the following link to download it and click the Free Download button.

In addition, you can choose to download WPS Office that you use on different devices, such as WPS Office for PC, WPS Office for Windows, WPS Office for Mac and Linux.

There is a lot of knowledge about WPS Office that isn't reflected in this article. Please come to WPS Academy to learn more knowledge about WPS Office.

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