Beginner Resume Objective Examples

August 5, 2022

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Indeed, an objective statement can add great value to your resume. However, many candidates easily confuse a resume objective with a resume summary. The primary purpose of your resume objective is to highlight your company’s values and relevant skills. If this is your first time writing a resume, you can easily feel confused and overwhelmed. For this reason, beginner resume objective examples can help you write a compelling resume objective.

Seeing examples of others can give you a great idea of writing an objective statement. WPS Office provides a wide range of resume templates to help you choose the best one. Make sure to inject your personality while writing your objective statement. In addition, make it as unique as possible.

What is a Career Objective?

Popularly known as a Resume Objective, a career objective describes your goals and values in three to four sentences. Most importantly, a resume objective section needs to be precise and consistent. Remember, hiring managers look for candidates who are driven enough to add value to the company’s values. Designing an effective resume objective can help you set on a particular dream job.

Indeed, you need to design a resume that grabs the attention of job recruiters. In addition, highlight all your relevant skills, work experience (if any), and education. If you want to create an effective resume, WPS Office Resume Builder can help you throughout the process. WPS Academy provides a step-by-step guide on writing beginner resume objective examples.

Most importantly, resume objective comes in different forms. It depends on the purpose of a resume, which can be categorized into two categories: generic career objective and specific career objective.

A generic objective is a perfect choice for a variety of job positions in different fields. On contrary, a specific objective statement plays a crucial role in applying for positions that require specialized skills. For this reason, it is important to understand what to write while building your resume. Writing an objective statement for a resume can be very useful for your resume. It can make you a perfect candidate for the job you’re applying for. Also, it can help you stand out amongst other competitors.

7 Essential Ingredients To Resume Objective Success

Wondering where to start writing a resume objective? Some helpful tips can guide you on how to spice up the “Resume Objective” section in your resume. In this section, we will discover 7 essential ingredients that add maximum value to your resume objective. Keep reading down to find out more!

1. Inject your personality

Injecting your personality is one of the essential things that can help you secure a job position. If your personality traits align with the company’s values, you have a more chance of winning a job. Remember, hiring managers simply discard bland resume objectives.

2. Lead your strengths

When writing job beginner resume objective examples, make sure to lead your strengths in the best possible way. It can be one of the most notable elements in your resume. For an entry-level or fresh graduate, it is essential to list down all those strengths related to your projects, skills or education. Also, you can mention your most relevant certifications in a resume objective.

3. Avoid an informal objective statement

You need to avoid adding anything that makes your resume objective informal. In addition, you do not just need to focus on yourself. Doing so can leave a poor impression on job recruiters. Therefore, make sure to minimize personal pronouns and contractions.

4. Do not exceed three to four sentences

The resume objective needs to be short and precise. You need to make the most of the available resume space. Write a resume objective that catches the attention of the hiring managers. For that purpose, keep your resume objective at three to four sentences.

5. Focus on your relevant skills

By reading the job description, you need to talk about your relevant skills. Add those skills that match your expertise. Leverage all the relevant skills in your career objective section.

6. Show why you fit the role

Job recruiters want to know why you are the right candidate. A lot of other candidates also apply for the same role. So, what makes you a perfect fit for that particular job? Therefore, you need to mention why you are interested in that job.

7. Use the best beginner resume objective examples

Indeed, using the best beginner resume objective samples can give you an advantage over other candidates. All you have is to take an advantage of a resume template. Such a resume can grab the attention of job recruiters in just a few seconds.

How To Make A Resume With No Experience

Undoubtedly, many fresh graduates struggle to write a resume with no experience. Here is what you need to follow while writing a resume with no experience:

Select the right resume structure

When writing a resume with no work experience, you need to choose the best structure or format. It can be overwhelming and daunting for you to write a resume, especially if that’s the first time. However, it is much easier than you may think. Make sure to create each section of your job application following the right structure:

  • Header: Include all your contact details.

  • Objective: Three to four sentences summarizing your relevant skills.

  • Education: Add information about your educational background.

  • Experience: If you lack work experience, adding internships can be handy.

  • Skills: List down your key abilities.

By adding extra sections, you can make your resume second-to-none. Therefore, focus on your certifications, hobbies and languages. Anything you need to do must be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Add education in a reverse-chronological order

If you are writing a resume with no work experience, make sure to put more focus on your “Education” section. Listing education can be your resume’s key strength in case of no work experience. Most importantly, job beginner resume objective examples include education in reverse-chronological order.

This is what should you include in the education section:

  • Name and location

  • Years of education

  • Information on your major courses

  • GPA (if it is high enough to put on a resume)

  • ActivitiesProjects

You need to avoid listing everything on your resume. You need to stick to the things that tie with the job description.

Include Your Relevant Experience (If Any)

Of course, recruiters want to hire someone who can do the job better than the other candidates. What’s the best way to check what they can do? Recruiters only need to check what candidates did in the past. Therefore, adding relevant experience can be a big plus point. A fresh graduate can add work experience gained in internships. In addition, make sure to highlight your skills.

Identifying your relevant experience requires you to read the job description carefully. After that, you will be able to write something that matches the job ad. If you have done some freelance or volunteering work, make sure to add it to your resume.

List all your key skills for the first job

Most importantly, you need to persuade the hiring managers you have got everything that it takes to be a successful candidate. As you are a fresh graduate, focus on your “Skills” section more than work experience. The best way is to read the job ad carefully and write your relevant skills. These skills can tell recruiters how you can add value to the company.

Here are some of the popular skills for a fresh resume with no experience:

  • Technical skills

  • Creative thinking

  • Analytical

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Management

  • Strong work ethics

  • Presentation skills

  • Quick learning

  • Teamwork

Make sure to add those skills that you can prove. For example, adding a skill like leadership requires you have some achievement or activity that proves it. No doubt, your skills can make you a strong candidate for a particular job.

Add Extra Sections

Indeed, a fresh graduate’s resume lack work experience. You should make the most out of every opportunity to write the best beginner resume objective examples. This is possible only by adding extra sections. Start with adding language skills to your resume. Remember, most job recruiters prefer bilingual employees. Apart from languages, you can put relevant certifications on a resume. Fresh graduates can also list down their interests and hobbies. So, do not hesitate to add anything that’s relevant to the job. This is how you can make a resume with no work experience.

Key Takeaways

Indeed, we’ve learned so many things in this guide. Here is what you need to remember for job beginner resume objective samples.

  • A resume objective is one of the most important elements of a resume. It is a 2-3 sentence objective section placed at the top of a resume.

  • If you lack work experience or are a fresh graduate, make sure to use a resume objective instead of a resume summary.

  • Avoid writing general statements for a resume objective section. Most importantly, tailor your resume objective to the job you are applying for.

  • Do not use subjective language. Also, you should mention a career goal that you want to achieve.

  • Showcase what you have got by listing all relevant skills. You can also give a touch to the experience gained at volunteering work or internships.

Use The Best Beginner Resume Examples – 3 Popular WPS Office Resumes for Graduates

Are you searching for the right beginner resume examples? WPS Academy has compiled a list of some popular resume templates for beginners. Each of these examples provides a unique way of adding an objective section. Let’s take a look at these notable resumes for beginners!

Resumes for Graduates’ Accounting Jobs

This resume emphasizes on Education, Achievements, Interests, and Skills sections. At the same time, it lets you add a professional resume objective without any hassle. Make sure to keep it at 2-3 sentences. If you need some inspiration, look no further than our attached example. You need to fill in space by adding all your relevant interests and skills.

Resume for Graduates

We understand how difficult it can be for fresh graduates to write a resume objective. Firstly, they need to choose the right resume template. This is where our resume for Graduates comes in handy. You can add meaningful objective statements to make your resume stand out. Our tool allows you to customize your resume at any time.

As a fresh graduate, it is more important to focus on your resume objective. Indeed, it is a crucial part of your resume. Remember, the objective statement varies depending upon the seniority level.

Green Simple Resume for Graduates

Looking for simple beginner resume objective examples? WPS Office comes up with a Green Simple Resume for Graduates. In this resume, you can add a self-evaluation section to describe more about your skills, interests, and career goals. In addition, it lets you add the work experience section.


For entry-level job seekers, it can be time-consuming to write eye-catching resume objectives. No doubt, fresh graduates do not know what to put on a resume. Firstly, they need to add a “Resume Objective” section at the top. In this section, make sure to highlight your skills relevant to the job, achievements, interests and certifications. All these things can make your resume stand out. Remember, you have to make your resume unique in order to outclass other candidates. Your resume should tell why you’re the right candidate for the job.

Indeed, writing a resume objective seems daunting, especially if it’s your first time writing a resume. A college graduate needs to choose from the best beginner resume objective examples. WPS Academy brings a lot of resume templates that suit your experience and seniority level. Our resume builder can help you highlight your achievements and skills. WPS Office is the best software that provides Writer, PPT Presentation, Excel Spreadsheet, and PDF. So, you can get all the necessary tools in one place. It is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Download WPS Office directly on your device or PC.

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