Best High School Resume Template Word Download

August 23, 2022

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When you are still in high school, a résumé may seem useless. Instead, you probably picture a stuffy document with a long list of impressive job titles and bulleted listings of significant achievements during those unique professions. Yet, whether you’re preparing your college application, applying for an internship, or looking for a part-time job, you’ll notice that every place asks for your high school resume.

Are you struggling to write your high school resume? Download our best high school resume template word. Here are the best 10 templates resumes for high school students:

1.Resume-for-Students Word Template

It’s pretty easy to create a compelling resume, even if you’re just a student starting out your career journey. Download resume for student's word template.

2.Nature-Style-Resume Word Template

There is a whole world of unique specializations and jobs waiting in the realm of nature.

The best high school resume word template has a natural style template of your choice.

3.Business-Style-Resume-for-Students Word Template

A business student resume is a resume a college student would use to enter into the workforce to begin a career in business. The business-style resume for student word templates will make you more noticeable to companies.

4.Creative-Fresh-Resume-for-Graduates Word Template

Having trouble writing your resume? download this creative fresh  resume template for fresh graduates and start working on your winning resume today!

5.Grey-Simple-Resume Word Template

A unique grey simple resume word template detailed resume description. Perfect to set you apart from the other job applicants.

6.Resume-for-Interview Word Template

Stop struggling with your resume for the interview word template. Get a beautiful resume in 5 minutes! See our list of the best high school resume templates for Word that you can quickly modify & tweak.

7.Simple-Student-Resume Word Template

Writing a student’s resume is not easy, but so is looking for a job as a student, after all. The simple student resume word template will take a perfect student resume to impress recruiters and get your foot in the door.

8.Simple-White-Resume-for-Working Word Template

Looking for a simple white color resume to use and apply for work? We’ve got you. Each high school resume template comes in different basic colors. Download them all for a word with the specific color template.

9.Resume-of-IT-Engineer Word Template

These professionals manage the IT-structured cabling element of construction projects, among other duties, on their resumes. Boost your chances of getting hired to perfect position your new resume with this outstanding IT Engineer word resume template.

10.Light-Green-Resume-for-Graduates Word Template

There are many job applicants so if you're looking for work, your resume has to stand out. A color light-green resume template is a good way to get your resume noticed.


Above resumes are the collection of student and teacher resumes you can choose from based on your preferences. You'll find plenty of printable resumes that will meet your needs, regardless of your educational background,  whether you recently finished high school or are still. All you need to do is browse through the templates and choose the one you like best! Then, as a result, you can modify them to meet your needs!

One thing left for you to do: sit down and start preparing your resume. To help you with that, we’ve gathered the free resume templates, perfect for a high school resume.  All you have to do is pick the ones you like best & get started with your resume!

And finally, good luck with your job search!