Comparison: WPS Presentation vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

February 14, 2022

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Comparison: WPS Presentation vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

WPS Office, the best alternative to Microsoft Office, supports both PC and Mobile, installs the latest versions online and is compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe PDF.

Surely, there are some functional differences between WPS Office and Microsoft Office.

In this section, well compare WPS Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint. Without further ado, lets go through them one by one.

Note: Compared with Microsoft Office 365 Version 2111 in December 2021

· Convert to Word

The Convert to Word Document function in WPS Presentation has been comprehensively optimized in three aspects: slides range, layout, and conversion objects, which contributes to wider application scenarios and higher efficiency.

· Picture to Text

With the OCR technology, WPS Presentation is relatively more convenient to operate, which can be completed within WPS Presentation.

· Split or Merge

If we need to split a large file into multiple single files, the Split and Merge function in WPS Office stands out for convenience and high efficiency.

· Screenshot

WPS Writer provides four shapes options for screenshots so that you can customize its shape according to your actual needs. In addition, the screen capture of the WPS Presentation has a very convenient small function: Pin.

· Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools is a feature for WPS Office that can quickly modify the font and size of slide texts, and insert pictures to multiple slides in batches.

· Student Tools

Student Tools is a collection of functions in WPS Presentation specially optimized for student user groups, which is not available in any other office software on the market.

These are the main differences between WPS Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint. Did you get it?

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