Comparison: WPS Spreadsheet vs. Microsoft Excel

February 14, 2022

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WPS Office, the best alternative to Microsoft Office, supports both PC and Mobile, installs the latest versions online and is compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe PDF.

Surely, there are some functional differences between WPS Office and Microsoft Office.

In this section, well compare WPS Spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. Without further ado, lets go through them one by one.

Note: Compared with Microsoft Office 365 Version 2111 in December 2021

· Document Encryption

Compared with Microsoft Excel, WPS Spreadsheets has two additional features, namely, Protection at different levels and Password hint.

· Picture Inserting

If the position of the table changes, the inserted pictures will not fit in the new cells, requiring us to readjust these pictures. Faced with this situation, we can use the Embed to Cell function in WPS Spreadsheet, which has three advantages.

· Screenshot

WPS Spreadsheets also provides four shapes options for screenshots so that you can customize its shape according to your actual needs.In addition, here is a practical feature: Pin.

· AutoFilter

WPS Spreadsheets has three special advantages,namely, Filter Duplicate Items and Unique Items, Export filtered items quickly and Create a chart of the filtered data.

· Remove Duplicates

In WPS Spreadsheets, in addition to removing duplicates, we can also mark them for further review and collation.

· Splitting Columns

In addition to this original method, WPS Spreadsheets has a new feature, namely, Smart Split Columns. It has two outstanding advantages: Splitting columns intelligently and Multiple splitting methods for selection.

· Reading Layout

Faced with huge amounts of data, we find it difficult to locate the selected cell or cells range. At this point, Reading the Layout can help a lot.

· Picture to Text

In WPS Spreadsheet, the OCR function allows us to convert pictures to text inside the Spreadsheet itself, contributing to quick extraction of information and high efficiency.

· Split or Merge

For convenience, WPS Spreadsheets provides the function of splitting and merging workbooks. WPS Office provides three ways of splitting: Split Sheets By Content, Split Books By Sheet and Split Book.

· File Collect

In the workplace, collecting all kinds of documents is frequently needed. At this time, a file folder is always wanted to collect what we need by sending a sharing link to others

These are the main differences between WPS Spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. Did you get it?

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