Which one is better Microsoft Office or WPS Office?

March 28, 2022

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In recent years, Kingsoft Office keeps strengthening its footprint in India by introducing WPS Office software suite in the country.  Microsoft Office and WPS Office, as two of the best and biggest office suites in India today, have taken their best shot at improving their services and satisfying their customers.

In this article, lets enumerate the reasons why some India users choose WPS Office other than Microsoft Office.

  • Why WPS Office suite is named as WPS?

You must be wondering the answer. That is because WPS is the acronym of Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation, which are three main modules integrated in WPS Office suite. Apart from the three must-have modules, WPS Office also includes a frequently used module: PDF editor.

As you can learn from its name, its an all-in-one office suite that only requires one lightweight installation package.

  • Is WPS Office suite available in India?

Without any doubt, the answer must be yes. WPS Office is available in India for free download on different systems, like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

To meet personalized needs of language, WPS Office suite supports changing languages, including English(USA), English(United Kingdom), Bahasa Indonesia and Deutsch(Deutschland), etc.

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  • Are all functions of WPS Office suite free in India?

WPS Office offers free download and basic functions on all systems to all customers around the world, and surely the same for Indian users. Basic function indicates that you can work and study or do anything else in WPS Office to meet your basic needs. The common version of WPS Office suite would not limit your reading, editing, and saving in daily work.

WPS Premium version requires payment. After going premium, you can enjoy more advanced and rich functions specially provided for premium users, obtaining more personalized and creative experience.

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  • What functions in WPS Office suite do Indian users like most?

Different functions meet the needs of different groups of users, but one thing is for sure, that is, each module (Writer, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, PDF) enjoys praise from Indian users.

For example, for business men, the professional templates provided by WPS Office and its considerate Speaker mode are their favourite functions. For Students, all the functions in WPS Writer designed for papers editing, revision and typesetting work as their greatest assistant. In brief, no matter what your task is, WPS Office is always here to satisfy your demands.

Youre recommended and welcome to download WPS Office suite and enjoy our intimate services for free. WPS Office is such a popular toolkit in India and you cannot miss it!