Free PDF to editable Word converter

November 30, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

WPS PDF Converter is generally compact. If you don't want to buy and can't afford a pricey converter, this is a perfect free alternative. WPS Office is the best free office software online, which can be used both on Windows and Mac pc. All required information is transmitted quickly during the conversion. The user interface is clear, straightforward to use, and easy to browse.  The processing page is where you choose how to convert the file after uploading the document there.

Benefits of converting from PDF to Word document:

A PDF file can be used to share and open files, but a Word file is more suitable for accounting updating and list creation. When we need to update or create any table file format, we choose a word file because it is editable. As a result, converting PDF to Word is critical for all users. WPS Office PDF to word converter is some of the greatest tools for the conversion process.

Different Features of the PDF to Word converter:

Firstly, you can download and install the WPS software from our website without any additional cost. It can be downloaded for free!

WPS Office provides its users with multiple options while using the PDF to word converter. If you’re a new user and aren’t familiar with those features. Then the list below will prove to be very helpful to you!

Once your file is converted into a word document, you can edit the text through multiple options such as:

The font of the text:

The size of the text:

You can add bullet points or numbering:


You can add images, shapes, videos, and page numbers and draw

tables as well in the document using the insert tab:

You can add borders, and margins and can also change the page orientation as you require. All of this can be done using the “Page Layout” tab.

There are also many more features available which you can discover by converting your very first PDF document using WPS Office software!

How to convert the PDF file to editable word?

Now, once you select the option to convert your PDF file, a new window will pop up on your screen. From the files stored on your PC or Mac, you can select the required file that you need to convert.

The WPS PDF to word converter can convert a file with 3 pages for absolutely free! This selected PDF file has only one page. The following window appears on the screen. Select “Convert Now” and you’re done!

The required file is now converted into a word document as shown:


You can now use the above-mentioned features to customize this editable text.

Utilizing the WPS PDF to Word converter is simple and quick. It completes your request and keeps all formatting. There is a most precise and high-quality PDF to DOC/DOCX conversion for maintaining the fonts and layouts, including tables and bullets.

So, WPS Office suite is the best option available now without any doubt, if you still haven’t downloaded WPS Office, visit our website and install the software for free! For any further confusion, you can contact us now or visit our website as well.

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