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How to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF

November 30, 2022

Often people are looking for online tools that can convert their scanned pdf to editable pdf. If you are looking for any such tool that can convert your scanned pdf to editable pdf, then here we are. WPS Office allows you to convert scanned pdf to editable pdf.

All you need to do is to download the WPS Office for free and get access to plenty of amazing features. WPS Office is free of cost, you can easily download it from the website of WPS and it is for both Mac and windows pc. This software works on both windows and Mac also this software is perfect for the PC. It is easy to download, and you can use it for free. Most of the amazing features of WPS Office are free of cost.

So, to convert your scanned pdf to editable pdf you have to follow these instructions. These are easy to understand. A stepwise explanation of each step has been provided here so you can easily convert your scanned pdf to an editable pdf. All it will take is less than a minute to convert the scanned pdf to an editable pdf.

Steps for converting scanned pdf to editable pdf

Here are a bunch of instructions that you need to follow in order to convert your scanned pdf to an editable pdf.

Open a scanned pdf file in WPS Office.


2. Click on the edit tab and it will open a new window in front of you.

3. click on “Edit Context”

4. A drop-down will open, then press on “show the boundary”.

5, After pressing on “show the boundary” a boundary will appear around the text.

6. Edit the text inside the boundary.

7. Go to the menu and save the edited scanned pdf. From there you can save your edited pdf wherever you want to.


Did you learn how to convert scanned pdf to editable pdf? Hopefully, this blog was useful for you, and you learned from this blog. There are many other exciting features of WPS Office that you can use too. There is a huge bunch of features that you can access and use.

Simply all you need to do is install WPS Office on your PC either you use windows, or you use Mac it's for both. After installing WPS on your PC you can use many features. It makes things simpler for you and you can get a lot of features in a single software. So, what are you waiting for?If you want to learn more then check out our other blogs.

Install WPS Office for free and enjoy it amazing features that will help you a great deal. WPS Office will enable you to do a lot you can edit documents, convert them, and much more. Just visit our website and install WPS after installing get easy access to many features of WPS for free.

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