How to insert a column into Excel

July 25, 2022

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Excel is one of the most used programs in the world. It would help if you learned to use its tools. This program is highly popular. Microsoft developed it, like Word and PowerPoint, and it belongs to Office Suite. You can use this tool to do all kinds of work, whether for business or personal issues.

Effective methods show you how to insert a column into Excel easily and without complication. By learning to use Excel and all its tools, you will be able to store data and have a better organization with the company's documents. You have the facility to insert or delete columns, place blank cells and thus organize your spreadsheets.

How to insert a column into Excel online?

Through this article, you will be able to know how to insert a column into Excel for your work to be easier to do.

1. Click on any of the columns and the letters where you want to place the column.

2. Right-click to insert the column.

How to insert a column into Excel Mac?

By knowing how to insert a column into Excel, you can rearrange or add any three types of columns. There are columns or rows. They are the ones that have the data of the tables, the header columns. You can see them at the top of the table. Footer columns, if any, can be found at the bottom of the table.

1. Open the spreadsheet. You have the advantage of using an existing one.

2. There is the number row on the far left of the sheet. Select as many rows as you want. If you want to create a row, select one. If you want to add two, select two, etc.

3. Press the keyboard buttons Control – Shift - + simultaneously to insert the row. It will appear at the top.

Using Excel on Mac computers allows you to use the same features, only with new updates.

How to insert multiple new columns in Excel?

To continue to know how to insert a column into Excel and organize your calculations, you will surely need to add more columns to your Excel. You have the advantage of pasting several times the number of empty columns in one go.

1. Highlight the number of columns you want to create. You will see that these will appear on the left. To make it easier, press the Ctrl + Space button.

2. If you select Ctrl + Shift + +, you will see the new columns inserted in the sheet. You can also select F4 or Control + Y to repeat the last action.

These are the best methods to know how to insert a column into Excel and thus have much more organized work. You also have the option to learn about more tools in Excel. They are easy to use when doing your work. If you work with many rows or columns, this way of creating them is one of the most used, and it is the easiest that you can apply.

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