How to insert carriage return in Excel

January 5, 2022

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· Option 1:

1. Click the cell within the long sentence.

2. Click where we want to insert carriage return, and press the shortcut Alt+Enter.

3. Then, the carriage return has been inserted. We push the content to a new line in the same cell.


· Option 2:

We want to combine the values of several cells into a new cell. And, we need each value to be a new line in the new cell.

If we use the shortcut key every time, it can be a very tedious task. In order to save time and improve efficiency, we can use the character function CHAR to insert a carriage return.

In this case, we want to combine the values from column A, column B, and column C into column D.


1. Click cell D2, and enter =A2&CHAR(10)&B2&CHAR(10)&C2.

2. Click the other cell, then we can get the result in D2 after using the CHAR(10) function. (Note: CHAR(10) represents carriage return.)


3. Click the lower right corner of cell C2. When the cursor turns to a black cross, drop down the fill handle to fill the cells. In this way, we can fill the formula in the cell range D2:D14.


4. Select column D, click the Home tab the Wrap Text button.

5. We find that each cell of D2:D14 is divided into 3 lines by the line break, which means that we have inserted carriage return successfully.


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