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How to make a cover page in word in WPS word document

July 22, 2022

WPS word also provide you a special feature called a cover page.The cover page is the very first page of your document. The cover page  plays a vital role in the representation and making the documents more attractive. The covet page of any document mainly include information such as document titles,pictures,company logo and authors name etc. A good cover page provides the overall all information that the specific document comprised of.

Cover pages are necessary part of document from simple essays to the research documents. A well designed cover page has attraction power that increase the curiosity in the readers mind that's why one never stop her or him self to go through the whole content of particular document  

Hence it is important to learn how to make a cover page on WPS word document.Let's start to learn it.

How to make a cover page on WPS word document?

Follow the following steps to a make a cover page in WPS word document.

1. Go to insert option in tool bar and select cover page.

2. Click on page cover, a drop down menu opens having different kind of cover pages such as Business,Resume,Thesis and transverse.

3. Select any type of cover page you want.

4. Click on the selected cover page.

5. Now you can add title of the document and related information by changing the build in information.

You have added the cover page to your preferred document successfully.

How to remove cover page from WPS word document?

Sometimes you want to delete the cover page in order to add any new more attractive cover page in such case you do not have to be panic because we are going to give you simple ways to remove the cover page in WPS office.

Following are the steps by which you can delete the cove page.

1. Click on inert and select cover page option.

2. Click on cover page results in the list of built in cover pages.

3. You will find the  remove current page cover option available at the end of cover page gallery.

4. Click the remove current page to delete the cover page from your WPS word document.

What does a cover page look like depend?

Selection of Cover pages or designing depends upon the purpose you are making the cover page for. For academic purposes most of the people go with simple monochromatic cover pages while for most non Academic purposes cover pages are made more casual.


Adding Cover page to WPS word document is vital for making an attractive document which will produce the curiosity in people to read it.Over all the cover page is the representation of author.We are here to help you and for more practice like this you can visit our WPS Academy to learn more and more.You should also download and use WPS office to edit Power point, PDF, Excel, and Word documents in order to make your document more efficient.

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