How to make a double slashes header in WPS Spreadsheet

September 28, 2021
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1. Use WPS Office to open the spreadsheet, click the Insert tab and then click the Shapes button. Select a straight line from the drop-down menu. Then insert a straight line into the table. 

double slashed 1.gif

2. Insert a straight line again.

double slashed 2.gif

3. Click the drop-down button of Text Box in the Insert tab, and select the Horizontal Text Box.

double slashed 3.gif

4. Then draw a text box at the designated position, and enter the needed text in the text box. 

We can adjust the text box according to our needs.

If the content in the text box can't show all, we can select the text box first. Then place the mouse cursor on the border. When the cursor's pattern becomes an arrow, click and drag to change the length of the text box.

double slashed 4.gif

Or if we find that the text in the text box blocks the content of other cells, we can adjust the font size and text box settings to perfect the table.

Font size: First select the content we want to adjust the font size.  Now find font size in the Home tab. Users can choose the font size they want here.

double slashed 5.gif

Text box settings: First select the text box we want to adjust, then right-click to select Format Object. Here we can set the fill color and border line. By selecting No Fill and No Line, the content in other cells will not be blocked.

double slashed 6.gif

5. Repeat step 4 and draw the rest text boxes.

double slashed 7.png

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