How To Make A Manager Resume Examples?

August 9, 2022

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The crux and core of a company, institution, or department are, without any doubt, the managers. It is the person who pulls the strings of major tasks and holds the team together. From team management to mentoring, a manager takes up multiple responsibilities leading their team towards success. 

Since manager is a career path that can be found in practically any business, WPS has developed a large collection of management resume samples.

Let's suppose you possess all the qualities of an ideal manager. You excel at goal-setting, administration, finance management, team building, and surveillance. You may even have proven work experience and certified qualifications for the role. 

Now the question arises: How do you showcase your competence effectively to get hired?

We bet that your quest for the answer to the very question stated above is what led you here.

Proving your worth and capabilities on a single document page is no child's play. That is why a manager's resume is so much more than just writing out your abilities in some specified order.

Your resume should highlight your governance abilities and expertise if you seek a management job. Show prospective recruiting in the paper how adept you are at organizing, inspiring, and leading the people who work for you. Along with your job experience and other pertinent details, you may want to include your management ideology, achievements, and statements about your leadership abilities.

So are you ready to discover manager resume examples for a range of management positions, along with comprehensive advice on the abilities to emphasize in your resume?

Manager Resume Examples:

Here are some of the focused managerial positions:

1. Project Manager

2. Sales Manager

3. Office Manager

4. Operations Manager

5. Executive Manager

6. Restaurant Manager

7. Information Manager

8. General Manager

9. HR Manager

10. Event Manager

1. Project Manager:

Project managers are in charge of organizing, coordinating, and guiding the execution of certain projects for a company while making sure that these projects are timely delivered, cost-friendly, and fall within the intended scope. Your resume should highlight all these qualities. Check out WPS now to explore a bundle of free project manager resume examples.

2. Sales Manager:

To guarantee that sales goals are accomplished, a sales manager oversees a group of sales representatives. They are in charge of making sure that records are maintained, client demands are met with excellent service, and personnel is prepared for any eventuality.

Your employment prospects will improve if you can demonstrate in your resume that you can tackle these tasks.

3. Office Manager:

Every day, office managers oversee a group of staff members to maintain order and security in the workplace for corporate personnel.

Efficient office managers help the Executives with daily activities while ensuring that every employee of their company has the tools necessary to accomplish their duties.

Your office manager resume should demonstrate your ability to complete these duties successfully so that hiring managers believe they can depend on you.

4. Operations Manager:

Managers of operations guarantee that business policies are enforced and executed in day-to-day tasks. To guarantee that businesses stay agile, competitive, and profitable, they also stay up to date on the most recent developments in management operations.

With a strong operations manager resume, you can demonstrate your desire for business acumen.

5. Executive Manager:

By giving power to mid-level managers, executives efficiently manage every staff personnel while providing strategic direction to the entire organization.

In your executive resume, emphasize your capacity to motivate your team and convince them to engage in the commodity you offer.

6. Restaurant Manager:

A restaurant manager is in charge of groups of cooks, servers, and bartenders. You must successfully handle the expectations of a variety of parties, including busy company employees, challenging patrons, and profit-driven CEOs.

By emphasizing your experience in restaurant management on your resume, you may demonstrate your interest in taking on the task.

7. Information Manager:

Skilled in information technology (IT), information managers possess a special combination of strategic planning, IT knowledge, and social interaction skills. They cooperate and control the transmission of data within enterprises. WPS allows you to search multiple free information management resume examples and pick the one that best suits your needs.

8. General Manager:

A general manager is in charge of all or some aspects of an agency's or an organization's operations, including bringing in money and keeping expenditures under check and in line. While overseeing a business's or firm's operating efficiency, they are anticipated to boost productivity and boost revenue.

HR Manager:

Managers of human resources strategize, organize, and oversee an institution's administrative operations. They supervise the recruitment, screening, and onboarding of new workers, assist corporate executives in long-term planning, and act as a liaison between seniors and staff in a business.

On their resumes, HR managers should state that they are willing to intervene to settle conflicts amongst workers at the company.

10. Event Manager:

Event managers are in charge of coordinating, organizing, and managing the entirety of commercial, corporate, or public programs. From selecting the designer, catering, and cameraman to collaborating directly with customers to seamlessly achieve their goal, they handle all facets of a gathering.

1. Focus on the Format:

Your recruiting agency has over 300 resumes lined up for screening with a single individual assigned to perform the job. How do you suppose they initially filter the best ones out of the lot?

You seriously don't think they spend minutes of their time reading each resume individually and thoroughly, do you?

Well, they don't. And the key to standing out in the initial one-glance screening is to pick up the perfect format and layout for your resume.

There are three kinds of resume formats applicable for a managerial position:

1). Functional Format:

The functional resume structure is ideal for new graduates or those seeking a kick start to their careers. This approach would probably be effective if you were looking for your foremost managerial position since it places more emphasis on your education and talents than your prior work experience.

2). Combination Format:

Professionals who are past their first employment stages or job searchers with a few years of relevant experience can consider using the combo resume format. A combined resume style enables managers with two to five years or more of experience to highlight their most important talents in addition to their career development in a thorough work history section.

2. Chronological Format:

A chronological resume structure is appropriate for managers looking for executive management positions. Experienced job candidates should put the most emphasis possible on their excellent professional paths. This resume style achieved that goal by making the most of the available space on the page to highlight notable professional achievements and previous employment.

3. Highlight the Contact Info:

Suppose you get shortlisted for an interview. The recruiters screen you out of dozens of candidates that applied. Now when they proceed on the next step of contacting you for an interview, you mess it up there. Imagine getting shortlisted and still not getting the job only because you made a mistake in listing your contact info and never received the interview details.

There is nothing worse. Hence, make sure to include all the following details without any spelling or grammatical errors.

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Current Location

4. Be Creative with Summary or Objective:

The likelihood is great that the recruiter will scan your resume in less than 10 seconds. There is increasing demand to convey your credentials and abilities succinctly. The summary or objective portion is crucial in this situation. The recruiter gains a positive opinion of you and is more likely to move forth with your employment process.

The resume's summary or goal statement shows the applicant's key accomplishments, work style, and talents in a way that appeals to hiring managers.

5. Grind on what matters the most; The Work Experience

Your job experience is unquestionably the focal point and foundation of your resume, and it is the primary forte a recruiter will focus on and take note of.

This area often receives the most attention from employers, who use it to make a preliminary decision on whether to invite you for further encountering interviews or not. Your job history demonstrates how you have improved upon your prior efforts and how you may fit in with their business or group. This part highlights your credentials and subtly suggests why you would be a strong fit for the position.

Make sure you mention all your experience in reverse chronological order by following the below format:

  • Position/Title

  • Company details

  • Role and Responsibilities

  • Timeline

6. Education; is an essential

The academic or certification area of your resume is a requirement, but it receives extra consideration when competing for positions that call for a certain qualification.

If you are a recent graduate, you must detail all of your accomplishments and educational credentials. Otherwise, the resume's academic part can be relegated to the underside. Your education enlisting following a pattern given below:

  • Major

  • University

  • Timeline

  • GPA

  • Honors and Academic Achievements

  • Minor Subjects

7. Sharpen the Skill Subject:

Giving specific examples of your expertise improves your chances of standing out from the competition. Determine the operational specifications for the employment position, and then determine how many of those requirements you meet.

Regardless of the business you work in, your specific tasks and responsibilities may vary, but all management positions require the same fundamental abilities. These key strengths are a combination of hard, or technical, talents and soft, or individual attributes, which support effective work performance. 

You could choose to divide your Knicks and knacks into two separate groups, hard and soft skills. It will be simpler for the hiring panel to understand your talents.

1). Hard Skills:

Hard skills for a managerial position will include Administrative skills, Finance management, Microsoft Office, JIRA, Business logic, Negotiation, Conflict resolution, and strategic planning.

2). Soft Skills:

Soft skills for a managerial position are a combination of personal, social, and communication skills that highlights your attributes and qualities in a career zone, e.g., Critical thinking, leadership, communication, planning, and management.

You should mention your degree of competence in hard skills, according to analysts. They may be divided into four groups: novice, moderate, skilled, and professional.

Pay attention to keyword phrases. When deciding which of your management abilities and relevant achievements to highlight on your resume, use the job description provided by the company as your guidance.

8. Some other key sections:

1). Awards & Achievements:

Mentioning your pertinent accomplishments will give the resume's platter a distinct aroma. It is usually beneficial to include any honors or noteworthy accomplishments you have received that are directly related to the advertised position. They demonstrate to boost the reputation of your career and guarantee to elevate your candidacy. 

2). Languages:

In the recruiter's eyes, being bilingual is like getting a free add-on for your pizza. So experts always tell you that if you can speak or understand more than a single language, make sure to mention it on your Resume. 

Proficiency in multiple languages, something that is considered a root of communication, can get you that interview you have been yearning for.

3). Projects:

The desired topping for your resume can be nothing other than a personal project aligning with the work requirements. It is always worth mentioning your role in a certain project, and briefly explaining its success if it guarantees you a spotlight for candidacy.

If you are applying for a project manager position, adding this section can really make your resume standout and make you an ideal choice for the recruiters. WPS has number of free project manager resume examples in store for you.

9. Cover Letter:

The cover letter is the final key to getting your ideal job. Without an outstanding cover letter, even if you have a fantastic CV, it will be difficult for you to go beyond that selection round and into an interview.

We have made the process of crafting a cover letter an easy peasy job. Just follow the below format step by step, and you are good to go.

  • Your personal details: Your name, title, contact details, and any specific URL if required or necessary.

  • Address the recruiter: This may include the details of the recruiting agency as well.

  • Introduce yourself: Briefly explain yourself. Specify your qualifications, qualities, and experience. Remember, it is where you make an impression, and you have to ensure it is a good one.

  • Why you? Emphasize your qualities and explain to them what makes you an ideal choice for this job position.

  • Closing remarks: Make sure to wrap it up by sending in greetings and let them know you are open to any queries or discussion.

Bottom Line:

Examine WPS's several resume templates and layouts. No one template works for all resume formats. Depending on your sector, job history, and level of management expertise, the structure that will work best for you will vary.

Google WPS Office and download WPS office, the free Office managing Software. Explore all the manager resume examples with WPS, and let us help you in making your dream job an easy catch for you!

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