How to remove page in word 2010 on Mac

July 22, 2022

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If you are wondering how to remove page in word? Once you have realized you’ve done any mistake or so, you are at the right place.

This tutorial will guide you in detail how to remove page in word? You can also perform the same steps in Mac or Windows operating system.

How to remove page in word at the beginning

Open the word document which have more than one page. This example file has 3 pages.

1.Now bring your mouse at the 1st page’s end. left mouse button, drag upward diagonally. All the text is highlighted.

3.Now on your keyboard, hit the backspace button. This will delete all content on the first page.

4.You can also delete the content of first page by bringing your mouse and click once, you will see the cursor blinking.

5.Now press and hold backspace button on the keyboard, this will erase the content on the first page. But keep in mind that this deleting process is very slow. Alternatively, you can select the whole text using your mouse and just hit backspace button on your keyboard to delete the content instantly.

How to remove page in word anywhere in the document

1.Open your word file. Again in this example, the file here has 3 pages.

3.Bring your cursor at the bottom right, click and hold the left mouse button and drag diagonally. Be cautious not to drag your selection too far to avoid selection of previous page.

4.Once the content selected, hit backspace on your keyboard. All content on the middle page is deleted and you will see the next page will replace the position of he middle page.

How to remove page in word from the entire document

If you desire to delete the entire content and begin a fresh start. Here are the steps to follow

Launch word and open a file in which you want to delete all content. In this example, a three page document is selected.

1.Now bring the cursor to the first word of the first page no matter if the first word is heading or a paragraph. You will see the cursor blinking.

2.Now click left mouse button, hold and drag diagonally to the bottom right corner, you will see content of every page getting selected.

3.Now when all content is selected, hit backspace on your keyboard. It will delete the entire content on the page. However, there will still be one blank page available because this is how the program is designed.

I hope this tutorial answered your question how to remove page in word? But if you want to get more information Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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