How to use excel (Easy Shortcuts and Formula)

August 1, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Excel is usually a fairly modern business package. If your work asks you how to use excel, you must know how to do it in a few steps. Currently, this program is responsible for adding new modern functions that will be very useful for you to work in the spreadsheet.

You must learn to master how to use excel so that you can work quickly, easily, and efficiently with this program. For this reason, you must know the best Excel tricks through various methods to work with your boss and co-workers.

With the help of various methods, you will have the option to know how to obtain knowledge of use excel. If you need to get new information from this program, get a course on use excel mac

How to navigate the Excel interface?

To start using Excel, you need to navigate through its entire interface. It would be best if you started with the basics. You will learn how to use this program easily and quickly. Do not miss out on knowing how to use excel 2016 quickly. This makes you feel satisfied to learn everything related to this great program.

1. When you write your data in Excel, you must use the Tab key to go to the next cell, where the column on the right is located. You can then use the enter key to move the cell to the next row.

2. Now press the Ctrl key, and the directional arrows down and up, right or left at the same time will take you to the last used cell in that direction.

3. Then press the Ctrl key and Home key simultaneously to go to the first cell in the data range.

How to learn some necessary shortcuts?

To speed up your ongoing work in Excel, you need to learn some useful shortcuts with the mouse and keyboard. When you know how to use these shortcuts, you will feel confident working on your documents.

1. First, start making some simple shortcuts with your keyboard. For you to start learning, they should include Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste. With Ctrl +Z, you can get rid of your last action

2. Then, so that you can enter today's date in your cell, you have to use Ctrl

3. Now, to copy the end of a list, double click using the fill handle, where the bottom right box of the cell is. Look for the alternative of how to use excel online directly.

How to learn to add products in Excel?

You can learn how to calculate the sum of products of numbers that correspond in one or more ranges, so use the powerful SUMPRODUCT function of Excel. This type of function is usually complete, modern, and done safely. You can also know how

1. First, you can use the basic SUMPRODUCT function to calculate the total amount spent. This function does this type of calculation: (2*1000) +(4*250)+(4*100)+ (2*50)=3500

2. You must know that the ranges must have the same dimensions. Otherwise, Excel can show the error VALUE

3. Then, the SUMPRODUCT function is responsible for treating any input that is not numbered as if it were zeros.

4. Now, when you supply a range, the SUMPRODUCT function produces the same result as the SUM function. This will make you discover how to use excel with total ease and without problems.

If after reviewing the 3 methods you have known to use excel, you can begin to understand what Excel offers specifically. The number of functions that Excel has is impressive. Every day you can obtain new information from this modern and innovative program.

You must use excel at all times because it can serve you at any time in your life. If you do a good course in this program, you can work in an office or independently. Therefore, be sure to know the benefits it offers you in detail. If you are a beginner, you can know new knowledge about using excel 2019

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