How to use goal seek excel

August 1, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Perhaps it is the right time to learn how to use goal seek Excel through simple procedures. You may be looking to become familiar with the Excel program, so you must recognize its main tools' operation. Knowing how to use goal seek excel 2019 will allow you to make approximate calculations when including a series of data in the formula.

If you want to be successful using your goal, seek in Excel. It is only fair that you see several examples of how to use it. You will learn to use the function with Average, which is also a powerful formula, with the PMT function in a very simple way.

How to use goal seek excel fast and quickly?

The first method to consider so that you know how to use goal seek excel Online is a simple way, proceeding as follows:

1. Look at the Excel document containing the data in cells A1 and B1. We want to calculate the square of the value of 4.

2. It is only fair to use the goal seek function in Excel to locate the input value that would give a result equal to 25. In a nutshell, the formula seeks to return the approximate solution.

3. Taking these points into account, you can see that the cell is selected, and now the Excel Options box opens. To access this box, go to the File tab, enter options, and click on formulas.

4. In the formulas box within Excel options, you will have to decrease the maximum change value that would be 0.001 by default to 0.0000001.

5. Finally, click OK to save the changes.

How to use goal seek excel together with PMT

You can learn how to use goal seek excel Mac by using the PMT function together like this:

1. An example is shown in which columns A and B are found with a series of scattered data that would be monthly payments of X company. Calculating each employee's payment with goal sought together with the PMT function is sought.

2. You must consider that the value located in cell B3 would be the initial payment for each employee.

3. If you want a precise calculation, you will only have to go to the Data tab and then select hypothetical analysis, which would contain forecasts.

4. Within its dedicated box, you will have to click on goal seek.

5. Now, you will have to place cell B5 as the location for the final result and place the numbering of -1500 in the to value box. Finally, in the when changing cells option, place cell B3 and click on accept.

6. Back in the spreadsheet, you can easily see the final result from $300,000 to $250,187 according to what the goal seek indicates.

How to use goal seek excel with average?

As a last alternative, you could learn how to use goal seek excel 2016 and the average formula. To execute this method, you must:

1. Open an Excel file where it is essential to use the formula, as seen in the example below. You will see two columns with a series of data about exams and what is supposed to result. While in the final cell, you see the final result of all those exams.

2. If you want the result of test number 4 blank, you should go to the Data tab and click on hypothetical analysis.

3. After selecting hypothetical analysis, a box will appear with several options where you will only click on goal seek. Then a dedicated box will appear where you must set to value to 70 and on cell change to B5.

4. As the last step, you will only have to see the result of exam 4 and see how this modified the final result.

Conveniently, you know how to use goal seek excel to take full advantage of the available tool. Although this use can complicate with some practice, you will be able to master it without much problem. You must take as much time as you want to learn and familiarize yourself with this tool.

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