Resume objective examples and writing tips 2022

August 9, 2022

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For the best chance of landing the job you want, you should include an objective statement in your resume's header. Also, a resume objective can help you articulate your long-term career goals and how the position you are applying for fits into those plans. To stand out from the crowd, your resume objective statement should be tailored to the position you're looking for.

In most cases, they're little more than three sentences long and are located just after your contact information. If your resume objective statement is well-written, it should grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager and establish your professional path.

You should tailor your resume objective for each position you're applying for if you're applying for numerous. Every time you apply for a job, you have to rewrite your resume. Of course, if you're looking for a great job, putting in the time and effort is well worth it. But, you don't always have to start from scratch.

With resume objective examples for multiple jobs, you can write yours tailored to fit a variety of positions by adjusting the specifics and revamping it. A generic, eye-catching resume objective for various positions may be difficult for you to write. To strengthen your resume or tailor it to a certain position, it is a good idea to review resume objective examples for multiple jobs.

We'll show you how to make that work with summary resume objective examples for multiple jobs.

Top 6 Tips For Writing A Resume Objective For Multiple Jobs

Your resume's overall quality and effectiveness will be affected, positively or negatively, depending on whether or not you include an objective statement. Your objective should be the result of extensive research, and it should be tailored to meet the job you are applying for, using the job description as a guide.

Your resume doesn't need to include an objective statement, but having one that is well-written and compelling will help you stand out to potential employers. Be sure that any objective information you add on your resume is worded correctly and that it appropriately portrays what it is that you are aiming to achieve as a person who is looking for work. It is highly recommended that you put these suggestions into practice as your first step.

1. Make it clear what kind of employment you are looking for

The objective of your resume should communicate the kind of position you are looking for in the working world. It needs to have the highest level of specificity feasible. If the interviewer is looking to fill the position of an HR assistant, for instance, but your resume objective states that you are looking for an office assistant position, there is a strong possibility that your resume will not be considered for the position.

Even if your degree or work history suggests that you have experience in HR, if your objective is stated in such a manner that it gives the impression that you are trying to transfer into a more general administrative support function, then you will not be considered for the position.

2. Ensure your career objective is tailored to each position you apply for

When applying for jobs, it is in your best interest to personalize the objective section of your resume rather than wasting time trying to devise a statement of professional aspirations that is broad enough to serve as a stand-in for all your applications. You can get assistance with this from WPS Office. You can select professional objectives from the many available templates and then modify or personalize them as you see fit.

You need to change the objective so that you may express your particular interest in every position, and you should do this based on the individual employer or kind of work you are seeking. To get started, read over the job description and make a list of any abilities or qualifications that correlate with the things that you do best or have the most experience doing.

If you include an objective that is tailored to the particular job that you are applying for, the recruiter will be more intrigued to read further and find out more information about your previous work experience. It is essential to steer clear of writing a generic objective statement for your resume because doing so increases the likelihood that it will be rejected during the screening process for job applications owing to a lack of clarity regarding the kind of work for which you are looking.

3. Write your resume in the third person

When composing a resume, the sentence that summarises your career objectives must be written in the third person. When writing their career aspirations, far too many people mistake referring to themselves in the first person (using words like I, me, and my), which is improper for a professional document such as a resume. Since a summary is an official business document, it is imperative to accurately reflect the required level of professionalism for the position you are applying for in your application and the industry in which it will be used.

4. Avoid centering your attention on your benefits 

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself to a potential employer when you write a resume and keep that in mind at all times. You should avoid writing an objective for your resume that emphasizes how the job will benefit you. Steer clear of objectives that involve terms such as increase my skills, get more experience, or put my knowledge to use.

Instead, center your attention on the kind of work that you would like to undertake. After all, businesses seek to fill open positions with workers, so it only makes sense that a prospective employee's resume should emphasize the candidate's enthusiasm to contribute to the success of the company rather than the reverse.

When writing an objective for your resume, one of the risks is that you can concentrate too much on what you want to accomplish in your professional life and not enough on how you will contribute to the organization's success.

While the objective section of your resume should contain information on the career you are interested in, you should also explain why you would be an excellent candidate for the position. Include concisely any information that draws attention to your experiences, such as the number of years you've worked in the business, the specific skill set you possess, and any other certifications you may have. Include particular instances of how you may offer value to the organization or even make it better.

5. Keep it Short

A resume objective should only be one phrase long, and it should be succinct and get right to the point. The objective statement needs to be concise and get right to the point, freeing up more room on the resume for you to elaborate on the qualifications that make you an attractive candidate for employment.

Do not fall into the trap of composing a lengthy objective that is essentially a run-on sentence or contains numerous sentences. Doing so is a mistake. The vast majority of the time, a recruiter or hiring manager will be looking over several applicants' resumes simultaneously to determine whether candidates possess the knowledge and expertise required to advance to the next stage of the hiring process.

You will have a better chance of keeping their attention if the objective statement you include on your resume is concise and compelling. Eliminating filler words from your resume, such as a, the, and like, might assist the reader remain focused on the aspects of your application that are most significant.

6. Include Keywords That Are Unique to the Position

Resume keywords are critical in an age where many businesses employ applicant tracking systems that store applicants' resumes in a central database. When drafting your resume's objective, think about how a recruiter could search the database to locate people for the type of position you're looking for. Make use of this type of language in your objective and throughout the rest of your application. If you want your resume to be caught up by an applicant tracking system, this can help you show how your skills match the job description.

Take A Look At Objective Resume Examples With The Following Templates

When applying to multiple jobs, it can be a hassle to write your resume objectives all over again. You may give it your best try with the help of the resume-editing features of WPS Office. Using the WPS Office Suite gives you the ability to create, modify, and view practically any type of document.

WPS Office comes with various resume templates that can be customized and used in minutes, making it simpler to create a resume objective from scratch and saving time. It eliminates the headache of having to write your resume objectives from scratch. You can add pre-written career objectives to your resume with just one click. These objectives can be tailored to fit your job title and experience level. Begin the process of creating a professional resume template right now.

1. Simple Resume for Experienced Doctors

On the left side of this template, you'll see a concise resume objective under the contact details. You'll be more likely to hold the reader's attention if you keep your objective statement to a few sentences long. The most effective objective statements are those that are specifically customized to the job for which you're applying. The skills and credentials you possess required of a doctor are listed in this objective's body of text. You'd like to describe your relevant abilities and expertise in further depth. Connect your experience to the job in a sentence or two.

2. Resume for Accountant

The first thing you notice in this resume is the section under evaluation. These are your objectives. This template uses bullet points instead of a paragraph. This helps to catch the attention of the recruiter and makes it easier to go through the objectives quickly. It's easier to keep a reader's interest in your resume if you clearly state your unique selling proposition at the top of the document. This template is ideal for accounts because it highlights your work ethic, unique skills, past achievements, and the value you'll provide. In addition to education, you'll also need to include work experience in this objective, which you can alter to fit the requirements.

3. Resume for Marketing

This template has a heading of summary at the end of the document. Here you can add your career objectives. It begins with an educational background. Including any relevant certificates or degrees in your resume objective might help you stand out to employers more quickly, even if they can see them elsewhere on your resume.

If you're entering the job market for the first time or switching industries, include this information on your resume. Consider not only your job-related abilities but also those you're happy to display. You'll have a better chance of getting the job over another candidate with the same degree of expertise if you can clearly articulate your value propositions. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss your goals, work ethic, past successes, and other distinguishing characteristics.


By emphasizing your strengths and demonstrating your understanding of the position for which you're applying, a skill-focused resume objective might help you land a job interview. It's best if your objective is specifically relevant to the job for which you're seeking. If you're looking for a new job, this section explains what you're looking for and why.

A resume objective may also include information about where you've been in your career and where you wish to go in the future. It may begin with a summary of your prior successes before moving on to a discussion of your goals for the future.

WPS Office Templates Are the Right Solution

Use the three WPS Office templates listed above if you're looking for resume objective examples for multiple jobs. You'll get general objectives that you can edit and customize. Using any of these resume templates will make the process of putting up your application and submitting it to potential employers a great deal less complicated. They make it simpler for you to modify the objectives section of your resume.

If you are looking for the same job at several companies, using these templates could save time because you won't have to construct a new CV for each position you apply for. Because of these templates, your document's tone and format will be consistent from beginning to end, and you won't have to spend additional time making such adjustments. Follow these general resume objective examples for multiple jobs and land jobs successfully. 

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