Shortcut keys in PowerPoint

January 6, 2022

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Shortcut keys can improve our work efficiency greatly. Here are the most common ones.

Ctrl+A: to select all the elements in the slide

Ctrl+M: to insert a new slide

Ctrl+B: to make the selected text bold

Ctrl+I: to italicize the selected text

Ctrl+U: to underline the selected text

Ctrl+C: to copy the selected objects

Ctrl+V: to paste the copied objects

Ctrl+X: to cut the selected objects

Ctrl+E: to center text

Ctrl+L: to align text to the left

Ctrl+F: to find text in the docment

Ctrl+H: to replace text in the document

Ctrl+G: to group objects

Ctrl+K: to insert hyperlink

Ctrl+N: to create a new PowerPoint document

Ctrl+W: to close the current document

Ctrl+P: to print out the document

Ctrl+S: to save the document

Ctrl+Z: to undo

F5: to start the slide show from the first slide

Shift+F: to start the slide show from the current slide