Take a shortcut with 20 shortcut keys for cells in excel

March 11, 2022

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Glad to see you here. WPS Spreadsheet has a great many shortcut keys to assist you in working faster and more efficiently. Instead of using the mouse to access the toolbar, smart individuals will find clever methods to do various tasks.

Given a large number of shortcuts to investigate, we must first classify them. Today, we'll learn how to use shortcuts for cells.

· Frequently used Excel shortcut keys to move in cells:

Learning how to navigate in cells can make the user experience more smoothly.

Arrow keys (Up, Down, Leftand Right)allow you to navigate among cells.

Arrow keys + Ctrl: Go to the edge of the current data area.

Tab: Move one cell rightward.

Shift+Tab: Move one cell leftward.

Enter: Move one cell downward.

· Frequently used Excel shortcut keys for cell formatting:

Choosing proper cell formats can make the data easier to read and analyze.

Cell Formatting: Ctrl+1: Open the Format Cells dialog box and thus custom the cells on your own.

Ctrl+B or Ctrl+2: To make the cell value bold.

Ctrl+L or Ctrl+3:To italicize the cell value.

Ctrl+5: Add or remove strikethrough.

Ctrl+Shift+L: Activate the filter.

Ctrl + Shift + %: Apply the Percent format.

Ctrl + Shift + $: Apply the Currency format.

Ctrl + Shift + #: Apply the Date format.

Ctrl + Shift + !: Apply the Number format

· Frequently used Excel shortcut keys for cell editing:

Cells are the basic form of our sheets. If you're used to using the mouse to process data and worry about the low work efficiency, it's well worth the effort to master these crucial shortcuts listed as followed.

Ctrl+C&Ctrl+V: Copy and paste the cell value.

Ctrl+X&Ctrl+V: Move the selected cell.

Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys: Select all the cells from a certain direction.

Ctrl+L or Ctrl+T: Create a table automatically.

Ctrl + K: Insert a hyperlink quickly.

Ctrl+; : Insert the current date quickly.

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