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The best office suites in 2022| WPS Office

April 6, 2022

Nowadays, more and more office software can be used for free. Do you know what is the best office suites in 2022? Today, I will introduce one of the best office suites in 2022 to you, that is, WPS Office.

What are the new features of WPS Office's latest version?

In the latest version of WPS Office, you can see the new help center interface and more helpful content in the latest update. What's more, you can view the Help Center content directly from WPS Office 2022 without jumping to a browser as well as getting access to the Help Center directly by shortcut key F1.

ü In addition, WPS Office 2022 optimized the interaction mode of the eye-protection feature, which is better to protect your eyes.

ü We have updated the logo of WPS Office desktop shortcuts and optimized the UI of some basic controls.

ü In WPS Office 2022, you can customize the theme colors of your document.

ü In WPS Office 2022, you can customize the shortcuts in Spreadsheet and Presentation.

ü WPS Office 2022 made some user experience improvements, that is, programstability improvements and bug fixes.

ü WPS Office Spreadsheet 2022 add non-blank options for table filters and has optimized the filter icons, and added 8 new functions including XLOOKUP and more.

ü In WPS Office Presentation 2022, you can directly drag and drop audio and video into the document and apply more settings to the properties of picture transparency.

ü In WPS Office PDF 2022, you can directly drag and drop images into PDF to view them.

Why WPS Office 2022 is one of the best office suites?

Most of the office software on the market now needs to be paid for, such as Microsoft Office, although Microsoft Office also has a free version to try, the function and use time are limited. However, WPS is not only free, it also offers a rich variety of features. At the same time, it is more convenient for users to work or study.

WPS Office 2022 pursues simplification and foundational functionality, allowing users to learn how to use WPS Office 2022 more quickly and easily, without spending a lot of time trying to understand how to use the features in the software.

How to download WPS Office 2022 for free?

You can directly click the following link to download WPS Office 2022 for free:


If you are interested in more details about WPS Office, feel free to come to WPS Academy.

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