Top 10 calendar integrated with a to do list template in Excel download 2022

September 7, 2022

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Calendars have long played an important role in personal and professional life, and people used calendars to record religious holidays. However, manually organizing calendars can be very tedious for busy people. It is commendable that they did not abandon this important tool.

Excel, the most used program in the modern business world, helps you keep the sensitive content of all business transactions, schedules, budgets, and data in digital form, but gives you the advantage of using a built-in calendar template. Yes, a calendar integrated with a to do list template in excel can save you a lot of time and organize your activities, celebrations and what's important, whether professional or personal. Below is a list of the 10 best calendar integrated with a to do list template in excel for hourly and monthly basis.

1.2022 Monthly Calendar with To Do List

It helps you keep track of your projects and activities while adding successes, failures, and important things for the record. Calendars are varied in many ways, including days of the week, appointments, weekly schedules, and plenty of space for notes.

2.2022 Purple and Blue Calendar with To Do List

The calendar is fairly accurate and has a small section for the to-do list. It is an invaluable tool for planning activities, events, important project dates, seminars, etc. It can help you remember things that you might otherwise overlook in the chaos of your busy daily schedule.

3.Prioritized To Do List

When you hear the word Excel, you think of all kinds of complicated formulas. This template is fully editable and easy to use for hourly and monthly basis.

4.2022 Red Calendar with Work Plan

This calendar has two parts: an orientation with the days of the week, Saturday through Sunday, and a black box where you can write in what you need to prioritize your days.

5.2022 Simple Calendar with Timetable

The details of this template make it easy to see the months of the year, and the one-page calendar allows you to see the whole year, making this free annual calendar an easy way to organize your appointments and activities.

6.2022 Green Calendar with Timetable

This template includes green color schemes for added beauty. This spreadsheet template is available for free download for hourly and monthly basis.

7.2022 Orange Calendar with Plan

It is free to download, easy to use and has useful elements like highlighted weekends, small calendars for the months before and after and popular holidays.

8.2022 Simple Calendar with Useful Chart

The content can be modified and turned into a daily schedule to improve children's academic performance.

9.2022 Colorful Cartoon Calendar

This colorful Excel cartoon calendar template is a good choice for young children because of its cute drawings and radical creativity. The contents can be modified to become a daily schedule that will improve students' academic performance.

10.2022 Simple General Blue Calendar

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