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Top 10 Employee Training Tracker Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

Employee training tracker excels templates are the events in which employees are given special pieces of training and are carried out to enhance the skills of the employees for the betterment of the company.

Employee training tracker excel templates are used to design a specific plan or event. It gives clear details of the events that you are going to conduct i.e. objectives, goals, strategies, etc. WPS has made several excel training schedule templates for these purposes it serves in analysing projects and events most popular of them are as follows

1.Excel timeline training schedule template

This template is used for training schedule as it contains the columns of time of the training, content, department and spokesperson. It is a simple training timeline sheet for training purposes.

2.Excel corporate training implementation plan template

Corporate training is the training of the employees through different educational programs and exercises and activities.  It helps in success of employees as in return it is the success of the business or company.

3.Excel chart of training effectiveness (by department) template

This excel template is designed to know the effectiveness of the training schedules. It means that the programs and events which were organized for the employees how much it was effective. It is analysed through graph chart.

4.Excel new employee orientation training follow up form template

It is orientation training template which is used for the employees that are new in the company. It is the report of the orientation of the new comer employees.

5.Excel dark training report template

Dark training records are those training sessions which are conducted indoor. This template is used for the report of the training sessions.

6.Excel employee on the job training form template

This template can be used for the editing of data of those employees which are on the job and they are taking training sessions.

7.Excel employee information registration form template

It is a registration template for new employees on the job those who have applied for new job. Their data is registered on these kinds of templates.

8.Excel employee registration form template

This template is also used for new employee’s registration. In contains personal data and contacts. It also has family data of the new employees

9. Excel employee registration form template

This template is used for the detailed data registration of the employees. It contains basic information while it also inquire about the skills, licence etc.

10.Excel employee productivity calculator

This template is used to calculate the productivity of the employees, that how much effort he puts in a specific work. How much is he productive, it also counts the per hours, per day and per week productivity

Employee training tracker excel templates are very important in nowadays businesses because they help the employees in time management and also it provides clear information about its policies to the employees. WPS templates have helped in tracking the employees and their productivity; also it has provided employees with great educational information.

There are hundreds of templates available on the WPS Office website or you can download them free of cost….

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