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Ways to convert text to number in excel

August 1, 2022

To make data entry simple and clear, use Excel's Number Conversion feature. When you copy and paste data from a Word document or another program into an Excel column, the material is often displayed as plain text rather than numbers. The converted data may be relevant and too vast to display in the cell, but it is difficult to grasp how it was recorded in the source text or computer software at a glance. To make data entry easier to recognise and meaningful, use the Text to Number conversion feature. Converting Text to Numbers in Excel is a simple process. This article walks you through how to convert text to number in excel.

How to convert text to number in excel using ‘Convert to Number’ option?

In Excel, you can use the Convert to Number feature to convert text to numbers. This method is useful when you need to assign values that exist in a cell as text to one that can be used in formulas and calculations. For instance:

This method works best with versions 2016/2016/mac/online.

1.  When an apostrophe is added to a number in Excel, the number value is treated as text. A green triangle appears at the top left of the cell.

2. Select the cells you wish to convert and then click the yellow diamond in the upper right corner.

3. From the resulting menu, select 'Convert to Number' from the Convert to submenu.

4. This would transform any numbers saved as text back to numeric values, causing the numbers to be right-aligned rather than left-aligned.

How to convert text to number in excel using Value function?

A function can be used to convert text to numbers. The details of the function are as follows.

This method works best with versions 2016/2016/mac/online

1. To convert text in a cell to numbers, you can use the VALUE, TRIM, and CLEAN functions.

2. The VALUE function returns a number after it has been converted from text. The TRIM function eliminates leading or trailing spaces from a string.  The CLEAN function removes extra spaces, carriage returns, and other nonprinting characters from data imported from other applications.

3. To convert cell B1 from text to number, the formula can be used in the following way:

How to convert text to number in excel using Text to Column?

This method works best with versions 2016/2016/mac/online

1. First of all, select the cell or range of cells for which you want to perform the conversion.

2. Then go to Data menu and click on Text to Columns option.

3. Choose Delimited in the Text to Column Wizard and click Next.

4. Choose Tab from the next menu and click Next.

5. In the Column data format select General and then click Finish.

6. After selecting General, click Finish and the conversion of text to number in excel will happen immediately.

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