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Word count to pages

July 21, 2022

When we are editing a document, we check the total characters, pages and words of that document on word count to pages.it helps us quickly count the pages, words and characters. You can use this function on mac 2010/2013/2016.

When we editing a document ,we want to check how many character we have entered in total .or if we want  to check the number of words in the selected paragraph ,we can use word count function .it can quickly help you to count the pages ,word etc. In a document  .in the status information area on the status bar at the bottom of the interface ,we get general information about the word count , the current page ,and the number of pages and words.


How to check word count?

If you want to find more about word count statistics, you can click the Review tab-Word count command button, and the page will pop up Word count dialog box.

In the statistics panel, we can check the number of pages, Words, Characters and Paragraphs of the document.

Word count is not limited to the word count of the full text, it can also count  the selected pert of the text, paragraphs or phrases.

1. Status bar from status information area

When we want to count words or pages in WPS office, we simply go to the status information area and look for the status bar. There it shows the pages and word option. We can check the total words in the page from the status bar. We can also check the total pages written.

2. Review tab word count

The second step to count the words is by the review tab, we can see the counted words the review tab by clicking on the review tab and on the top left corner we can see a tab named as word count. It gives us the total number of words which is written on the page.

1). Click on the Review tab.

2). See the word count tab at the top left corner.

3). Click on Word count to see the details.

The user can check even the total words and the total number of pages by just following these two simple steps. According to our demand we can add and remove the number of pages and number of words.If it goes manually, it not possible to count more words but if we see the words in the review tab, it provides the exact number of pages and an exact number of words. So it makes our presentation and pages more perfect.


Inserting table of contents words manually can be confusing because you have to do that on your own with links. But, with these above points, it will become easy for you to understand. You can easily insert the TOC and change it in your own way. With the help of this easy function you can save your time and work smartly. You can visit our WPS Academy to learn the easiest ways to learn. Download WPS free online.

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