WPS and its various meeting agenda templates

August 15, 2022

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WPS is a free office suite. It can be utilized by students, staff, businessmen and in professional life. WPS has made things very easy for us; it uses less time and aids us finish work quickly.

Setting an agenda remains an immensely primary task in the handling of meetings. One should be thoroughly aware of the importance of the agenda in meetings; it helps in discussing issues supposed to be discussed on any level.

Many people in businesses sit and write the bullet points during the meeting which is time wasting therefore, WPS is one of the best office suites that offer us with various forms of agendas which can easily be used.

WPS consists of impressive word meeting agenda templates, some of them are listed below…

1.Simple free meeting agenda template

This template consists of time and date of the meeting; it also includes that how many attendees will be joining the meeting, documents needed, teleconference, and lastly reason of meeting that why the meeting was conducted.

2.Simple blue and white meeting agenda template

As the name indicates its beautiful blue and white in colour, It contains call to order option which means that at what time the meeting will be conducted and all the attendees will come to the meeting place. It also contains review and approval of the agenda option.

3.Free agenda plan template ‌‌

This type of template is fresh pink in colour which appeals the employer to use it for its company. It contains the option of the topic which the presenter is going to present also the presenter name and the time allocate to the presenter that how much time he will take so that he can discuss the issue.

4.Simple green agenda template

It is beautiful green in colour; it covers different topics of the business requirements. Most of the important decisions take place during the meeting so it covers it up for you.

5.Simple annual meeting agenda template

This template is used for annual meetings. It contains the options of date and weeks’ time period and schedule content. These types of meetings happen once a week for which they can use WPS annual meeting agenda template.

6.Simple fresh blue meeting agenda template

7.Business meeting agenda template

It is a formal type of meeting agenda template. It outlines business growth. It is an internal team meeting within the organization therefore this template is best for these types of meetings.

8.Simple black and white meeting agenda template

It is a simple black and white template, with little options available. You can use it very easily for your daily tasks in professional life.

9. Simple fresh pink meeting minutes template

Minutes of meeting are used to memorialize the actions for the attendees also for those who were unable to attend the meeting. This template includes many options i.e. summary, conclusion and actions etc.

10.Simple white conference meeting minutes template

Notes recorded during the meeting are then edited on the template for you to remember. This template is used for the conference meeting minutes.

There are many other templates available online to use it for your business, conferences, and meetings. You can also download WPS Office to get hundreds of templates from there in just one key click.