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February 14, 2022

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Have you truly comprehend the idea of Cloud?

Maybe a little? Or not at all?

Have you ever been in a situation where you just pray you can uncover the file in ‘history’ to save your work after a blackout/computer crash or simply just forgot to press save?

But the WPS Cloud can do much more than that.

Keep on reading, you might just about to open the door to a completely different way to work.


Out in shopping or eating without a computer, and your boss needs that file only you have right now?

Solution with WPS Cloud

Sync data between your computer and phone

Once you switch on the Cloud syncing service, it allows files under your account shared between multiple devices automatically at any time.Just login to your WPS account, you are all good to go!You can check, edit, or send anything that originally saves on other devices with only need is your phone!


The project has changed so many times but you want to uncover the first version?

Solution with WPS Cloud

Don’t worry, WPS saved it all with powerful historical version management to prevent file version confusion and you can restore your file to history version with one click.


Wrong format? The file is too big to send?

Solution with WPS Cloud

WPS Cloud allows you to form the file to WebLink that you can share with others through any type of social media. They will be able to open the file without download the WPS app. This is also the fastest way to share files when the file is taking too long to download or share.

So now, say bye to incompatible files/garbage characters/404.


With online working become more and more popular these days, find a way to share documents between a large group is essential to ensure productivity.

Solution with WPS Cloud

Using team folders in WPS Cloud, which allows files to be able to edit by many people at the same time, makes team collaboration simple and easy.

Real-time Synchronization ensures everyone on the team is on the same page with new updates.


Private files that guarantee your privacy

Solution with WPS Cloud

You can encrypt any files you want with an independent password. Even with your login in status, the password is needed every time to gain access.

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It’s now in 2020. It’s WPS way of working.