WPS Top 10 Disaster recovery plan Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

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The disaster recovery plan excels template is the method used by many organizations to regain access to their functions because events like natural or human-induced disasters have broken the infrastructure of an organization. These events negatively affect business operations.

Disaster recovery plan excels templates also play a vital role in regaining access to the data, networking, etc. WPS Office has designed such type of documented templates that contains detailed information on how to react to unplanned events and accidents.

Some of the excel disaster recovery templates are as follows…

1.Break even analysis excel template

This template is used analysis of the products; this template is used for breaking the costs of the product into even i.e. when the cost of the product is equal to the total revenue.

2.Break-even analysis excel template

This template is used for analysis of the per unit fixed cost of the products. It has columns for product name, per unit and cost per month. This template can easy be used all you have to do is enter values.

3.Store profit and loss analysis excel template

This template is used for managing finances of a store during a certain period of time. It is used to produce sales, generate profits and manage income and expenses. It contains basic information, the proactive and gross profit and margin.

4.Inventory management form excel template

This excel template used to calculate the supplies in warehouse. It helps you in calculating your costs. It has columns for product, brand, category, model, outbound, storage, balance, price, amount and remarks.

5.Sales performance chart analysis excel template

This excel chart template is used for analysing performance of sales, its monthly cost, income and monthly profit.it provides you data in graphical sheets.

6.Market analysis form excel template

This excel template is used for collecting data and information about the conditions that affect markets. It is the graphical illustration of the conditions of different markets.

7. Tracking form excel template

This excel template can be used for financial analysis and tracking for income and cost structure. Data can be calculated on yearly basis.

8.Store sales data analysis excel template

Store sales data analysis template is an excel template used in business for calculating sales of the store week by week.  It also gives you data in graphical form.

9. Analysis of the academic pie chart excel template

This template is the illustration of the data in the form of pie chart. You can analyse your academic data through this template. It contains degrees and percentages.

10.Sales schedule excel template

Sales excel template is used by sales managers to manage the sales of a company or any organization.  It can be used to calculate the sales target.

The main objective of this WPS Office template is to ensure that the organization can effectively respond to the disaster.

With the help of these disaster recovery plan excel templates organizations can resume their work and operations quickly.

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