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Computer Technician Eliminates the Expense of Office Productivity with WPS Office Freemium Software

WPS Office Lauded for Greater Feature Set than Other Affordable Options on the Market

Jeff Easter is a former computer technician based in Pennsylvania who now provides free computer support services to students from the local area. His experience with WPS Office began several years ago when he sought to find an affordable replacement for Microsoft Office. Easter tries to keep up with developments in software and when he discovered WPS Office was interested in putting the software through its paces. For years, he used the software himself and offered it to customers of the computer consultancy he worked for. The software found favor Mr. Easter and from those seeking affordable computing solutions for school, personal, or business use. While the annual or lifetime licenses of WPS Office are roughly half the price of Microsoft Office, Easter selected the company’s free license which is now available as a full-featured Freemium product.


“ WPS Office has been well received by those I help... it does not have a high learning curve and uses fewer computer resources than comparable solutions.”

- Jeff Easter, Computer Technician

The Problem

One of the challenges of working with computer users is the need to control costs which can quickly escalate and become too expensive for many people. In particular to Jeff Easter’s experience, he made it his mission to search out the best quality software at the best price for those he supported. The costs of updating a computer system extend beyond the hardware and include software as well – not only the operating system but important applications for business, school, or personal use. An office productivity suite that allows the creation of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is one of those important applications and a must-have in many cases. The problem is that the while some solutions are full-featured, they are very expensive. Alternately, less expensive offerings are stripped down versions with greatly reduced functionality. WPS Office bridges that gap with a Freemium version of the product that is full-featured and does not impact the budget in any way.

Equally as important as the cost of the software was the challenge of finding office software that was user friendly, meaning that its interface was recognizable and did not require the user (consumer, student, business owner, etc.) to re-educate themselves on the program which for many people is a nonstarter. Having tried alternative products such as WordPerfect and reviewed software that included OpenOffice and LibreOffice, Easter found issues with those products which were lacking many features that the students he helped would find useful. WPS Office, on the other hand, could be engaged immediately and without a minute of additional training needed. Many students with less powerful computers also found that Microsoft Office was very code-heavy and slowed down their systems. For them and others in this situation, an office suite with a lighter code base would be a better fit for their hardware because of lower storage and memory requirements.

The Solution

After having conducted an in-depth review of several alternative office suites, Jeff Easter finally selected WPS Office. He found the primary and unique advantage of the solution to be its Freemium licensing coupled with the full-featured, easyto-use software. With the free version of WPS Office, Easter could gain full access to all of WPS Office's features and functionality at the lowest price possible.

Easter noted the positive experience when using WPS Office across a local area network (LAN) because of its lighter code base. The application could easily be used over the network without any hint of a slowdown which he and those he recommended the product to found to be an advantage in terms of performance. In addition to providing better performance, both Easter and those he recommended the software to found the available document templates to be comprehensive and high quality - an unexpected feature from a free product. With WPS Office, the templates were very easy to locate and worked seamlessly whether used for scheduling, letter writing, or record keeping.

“A large percentage of those who I now provide free computer support to are students. Many seek out my assistance for either technical repairs or initial setup and configuration of their PCs. WPS Office has been an important software addition as it provides all of the capabilities desired in an office productivity suite without the expense,” said Jeff Easter. “WPS Office has been well received by those I help, not only because of its affordability, but because it does not have a high learning curve and uses fewer computer resources than comparable solutions.”

“ WPS Office has been an important software addition as it provides all of the capabilities desired in an office productivity suite without the expense. ”

- Jeff Easter, Computer Technician

How it works

WPS Office Suite is a complete suite that includes Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, and a built-in PDF reader, in an easy to use and familiar user interface. The suite offers complete compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents, as well as more than 230 fonts and hundreds of free templates. Integration with cloud providers such as Google Drive, Drop Box and Box gives users the ability to collaborate with others and support business operations.

WPS Office has a free Mobile Office Suite for Android that allows users to view, edit, and create Office documents anywhere. WPS Office has more than 550 million Android users and has received over 1,000,000 reviews on Google Play. The application is fully compatible with MS Office and Google Docs and is available free with no subscription required. WPS Office also offers a free Mobile Office Suite for iPhone and iPad, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Docs and supports English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

“In addition to its applicability to business or school use, the software is also an excellent consumer application that I use often,” noted Easter. “It is an extremely reliable program for common computing activities such as opening downloaded PDSs from websites, writing letters, and more. I have even begun writing a book using the software and have used a range of features the software offers. I have found the user experience to be very smooth and recommend it to others regularly.”

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To download a free Personal Version of WPS Office or the Premium Business 30-Day Trial, visit https://www.wps.com.