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Case Study

Sky Dancers International Calls WPS Office Software Best Office Productivity Suite on the Market for Mobile Workforce Environments

Advertising solutions company cites innovative features in WPS Office for iOS that empower hybrid office environments in support of real-time business


“ The most impressive part of WPS Office is just how easy to use the software is. Little or no training is needed, which is very compelling to businesses of any size.”

- Chris Todd, Chief of Operations, SkyDancers International

The Problem

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, SkyDancers International manufactures inflatable advertising and promotional solutions for use with business activities, entertainment events, amusement parks, and more. Most notable among the company’s products are the animated inflatables which move autonomously using high-powered continuous-flow air systems. Founded in 1995, the company distributes its products throughout North America, South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim through a global network of dealers.

The inflatable advertising business is unique in that the majority of products developed and sold are customized to the customer environment they are to be used in. As a result, this requires imagery to be exchanged back and forth with the customer so that the product(s) properly showcase the customer’s environment, whether that be for an on-stage event or in front of an automotive dealership.

Because of the dynamics of animated inflatables, various conditions of the operating environment must be considered such as the presence of power lines, antennas, existing large signs, and other elements. In many cases, this requires an onsite inspection by the producers of the desired inflatable. Since company staff needs to visit customer locations offsite in order to present concepts to customers, analyze installation locations, and design the most impactful inflatables for their business or event, SkyDancers International requires greater flexibility and features from their business software products. In particular, the company requires its office productivity software to work seamlessly together with complete file compatibility, both in the office and on the road.

The computer-related activities that are commonly required for offsite customer visits include the ability to present product design mockups and conduct digital product demonstrations to show how the inflatables will move in the environment they will be placed in. Many times, SkyDancers International staff will also update proposals and agreements or communicate with other customers and exchange documents. In searching for ways to streamline operations, SkyDancers International chief of operations, Chris Todd, sought solutions to address these immediate requirements for sales and product design personnel.

The Solution

SkyDancers International is a proponent of employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work for business use. In taking an inventory of these personal computing products, Todd determined that a majority were iOS smartphones and tablets. Therefore, in searching out an office productivity suite for employees, a solution that was interoperable with iOS would be ideal. It would also be necessary for the product to support operations on local PCs within the office when employees are not offsite with customers.

“In our search for the perfect office productivity suite, we considered products from Microsoft, Corel, and Apache,” said Chris Todd, Chief of Operations, SkyDancers International. “While much of our work occurs in the office, an increasing amount is taking place at remote locations. Additionally, even though the software packages we reviewed had important features for the office, all but one lacked innovative capabilities for iPhones and iPads, WPS Office.”

When the comparison was concluded it was determined that WPS Office would be the preferred choice. The WPS Office Suite includes WPS Office for iOS, a full office productivity suite with Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, and a PDF reader – available for Windows-based computers as well as iOS mobile devices, Android devices, and Linux PCs. With Windows PCs in the office and iOS devices in use at customer locations, WPS Office offered the ideal solution.

“WPS Office was the perfect choice for our situation. We found many of the iOS features to be essential, including the software’s ability to wirelessly project presentations via Smart Connect TV or Airplay device,” said Todd. “We also found the ability to record presentations at the office and deliver them to prospective customers while on the road to provide a real advantage. The iOS file transfer option is important for us as well because many of the product sketches we send between employees are digital and the ability to access with iPhones or iPads benefits us and our customers tremendously.”

The latest generation WPS Office software includes several industry-first capabilities for iOS, including iOS file transfer, which allows users to easily send files to and from their computer and iOS device. Wired projection is now also possible using a wired connection and VGA adapter. Alternately, customers can connect and present wirelessly via DLNA or Airplay. Additionally, users can create video content from presentations which can be sent to other iOS devices as MP4 files, posted to YouTube or delivered as webinars.

“WPS Office has already begun to make a positive impact on our business,” added Todd. “The iOS features alone have reduced the amount of hours we have to spend at the office because of the gains in productivity. However, the most impressive part of WPS Office is just how easy to use the software is. Little or no training is needed which is very compelling to businesses of any size.

“ WPS Office was the perfect choice for our situation. WPS Office has already begun to make a positive impact on our business. The iOS features alone have reduced the amount of hours we have to spend at the office because of the gains in productivity”

- Chris Todd, Chief of Operations, SkyDancers International

How it works

WPS Office Suite is a complete suite that includes Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, and a built-in PDF reader, in an easy to use and familiar user interface. The suite offers complete compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents, as well as more than 230 fonts and hundreds of free templates. Integration with cloud providers such as Google Drive, Drop Box and Box gives users the ability to collaborate with others and support business operations.

WPS Office has a free Mobile Office Suite for Android that allows users to view, edit, and create Office documents anywhere. WPS Office has more than 550 million Android users and has received over 1,000,000 reviews on Google Play. The application is fully compatible with MS Office and Google Docs and is available free with no subscription required. WPS Office also offers a free Mobile Office Suite for iPhone and iPad, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Docs and supports English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

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To download a free Personal Version of WPS Office or the Premium Business 30-Day Trial, visit https://www.wps.com.