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Case Study

University of Houston Journalism Department Uses WPS Mobile Office Suite for Android to Achieve Fluid User Student/Teacher Communication

University professor chooses WPS Office for greater ease and convenience in everything from sending assignments to tracking grades

The University of Houston offers a Concentration in Journalism through the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication. The Jack J. Valenti School of Communication focuses on the study and practice of communication in an urban environment, preparing students for lifetime careers in which they will shape, analyze, respond to, and work in the fields of communication. The School offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication with a specialization in journalism (print and broadcasting) as one of several concentrations. Studies in print and broadcast help students develop an understanding of the political, economic, social, and cultural contexts in which news is gathered and disseminated.


“I saw an article pointing to WPS Office as the ‘best alternative to MS Office,’ but that’s not accurate—it’s not just the best alternative, it’s a better solution!”

Lee Harrington, Journalism Lecturer, University of Houston

The Problem

Lee Harrington, a journalism lecturer for more than 15 years at the University of Houston, wanted to find a mobile app that could resize cells in pixels in a spreadsheet automatically rather than manually. He needed to use this feature frequently, for uses that included entering grades into a spreadsheet and providing assignments in Excel and Word. When trying out different solutions, Harrington was surprised to discover that even Microsoft Word and Google Drive lacked the capabilities that he needed for increasing the length or width of cells without using a finger, which made it almost impossible to make several rows or columns the same size at the same time. In addition to the spreadsheet issues, Harrington also sought a solution that would make it easier to send assignments electronically to students and allow for more fluid communication.

The Solution

As Harrington continued his search for a solution, he heard about WPS Office and became curious after seeing that tech reviewers describe WPS as the “best alternative to MS Office.” The Journalism Department decided to try the Mobile Office Suite for Android from WPS Office, and Harrington was excited to discover that the mobile app indeed had the resizing capabilities for spreadsheets that the other platforms lacked.

"I saw an article pointing to WPS Office is the 'best alternative to MS Office,' but that's not accurate—it's not just the best alternative, it's a better solution!" said Harrington. "There is no feature in MS Office that WPS Office doesn't have. My students and I have been very pleased with it. I haven't found any negatives."

By being able to resize spreadsheet cells uniformly without manual manipulation, Harrington is now able to more easily enter grades into spreadsheets, widening rows and columns as needed for individual lines or blocks of lines. “You can simply click on a cell and then size it—none of the other apps can do that,” said Harrington. He uses the Mobile Office Suite for Android to provide students with assignments in Excel. Students are able to use the features to provide information about their research in spreadsheet columns as well.

The ability to resize cells on a mobile device either manually by touch, or exactly by pixel, is unique to WPS Office, and gives users more options so they can work more efficiently.

In addition to the benefits that Harrington and his students have gained when using Excel spreadsheets, they are also enjoying the application’s capabilities related to MS Word. With WPS Office for Android, Harrington can send students files created in Word on a desktop as attachments, and then store them on a cell phone using WPS to send with the attachment. This has allowed for more fluid communication between Harrington and his students.

"A great feature in WPS Writer is that when you reopen a document, you have the option to jump to where you were last entering text," said Harrington. "This is very helpful for longer documents such as the novel I'm currently working on."

“There is no feature in MS Office that WPS Office doesn't have. My students and I have been very pleased with it. I haven’t found any negatives.”

Lee Harrington, Journalism Lecturer, University of Houston

How it works

WPS Office for Windows is a complete office suite that includes Writer, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and a built in PDF reader, in an easy to use and familiar user interface. The suite offers complete compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, as well as more than 230 fonts and hundreds of free templates.

WPS Office is also available for Linux users, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices allowing users to view, edit, and create office documents anywhere. The application is fully compatible with MS Office and Google Docs and is available free with no subscription required.

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To download a free Personal Version of WPS Office or the Premium Business 30-Day Trial, visit https://www.wps.com.