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Case Study

WPS Cloud Delivers Spreadsheet, Presentation, or Writer File Access on Demand for Wholesale Automotive Specialist, FLEET GURU LLC

Wholesale Automotive Provider Builds Nimble Workforce with Faster, More Affordable, and Feature Rich Office Software from WPS Office


“ The WPS Office software suite provides important features without the high costs of alternative solutions. ”

Veronica Melcic, President, Fleet Guru

The Problem

Headquartered in Austin, TX, FLEET GURU is an elite team of high volume automotive sales specialists serving automobile dealerships throughout the Austin metropolitan area. FLEET GURU remarkets vehicles between dealers, typically handling new car dealer trade-ins, off-lease vehicles, used car dealer aged inventory, and oftentimes serves as broker between dealerships. The FLEET GURU staff includes professional individuals focused on offering the right set of vehicles, providing honest representation, and building lasting relationships throughout its network of partners.

The wholesale automotive business is unlike traditional automotive retailers for several reasons. Besides selling wholesale and not retail, wholesalers are constantly on the road to coordinate vehicle transactions. The business of wholesaling often involves multiple vehicles purchased and sold between multiple retail dealerships and/or auctions.

While many of the activities are conducted on the phone, a large portion of the vehicle inspections, deal making, and delivery of vehicles are completed by the FLEET GURU team in person, requiring staff to be on the road and out of the office. As a result, there is limited access to traditional computing infrastructure, making office computing environments inadequate for this line of business.

The challenge with this situation is that wholesalers typically do not have ready access to the computer. This hampers the ability to review and print estimates, invoices, and other paperwork necessary to complete vehicle sales transactions with dealers. Additionally, the large number of dealership transactions on an annual basis requires the ability to store and access volumes of documents related to each transaction. Transporting a portable hard drive with the files introduces an additional concern - data privacy. The potential for traditional storage hardware, including portable hard drives, to be stolen can be considerable, and therefore, many wholesalers with this problem will spend more time at the office using on-premises computing systems in order to prepare documents in advance before leaving the office. Unfortunately, this limits the number of potential customers that can be seen, thereby impacting revenue.

FLEET GURU president, Veronica Melcic, is a veteran of the automotive industry, having held senior-level positions with organizations in the industry. Melcic leveraged this experience to begin operations at FLEET GURU. In building the organization, Melcic was focused on his vision of business agility and maintaining the ability to react faster and with greater effectiveness than other wholesalers in the region. In planning out the IT infrastructure for the company it was clear that traditional on-premise computing solutions would be inappropriate for the task at hand. In response to this, she sought to prevent the limiting of his staff by leveraging cloud-based IT and solutions such as WPS Office featuring WPS Cloud integration.

The Solution

With its cloud-oriented IT direction, the FLEET GURU required computing applications for customer sales management, accounting, presentations, and proposals/agreements. Salesforce.com was selected as the CRM SaaS-based software of choice, followed by Quickbooks Online for accounting/invoicing and WPS Office for office productivity. WPS Office recently introduced WPS Cloud which is a complete document storage and management service that provides users with 1GB of free storage space. Any file type originating in WPS Office can be stored in WPS Cloud so that users can open or create documents in WPS Office which are then saved to WPS Cloud. Easy one-click file sharing allows the originator of the document to make it available to colleagues should they need to access or review the document. The cloud-based storage service complements the file roaming feature of WPS Office, which allows users to easily download and work with files across multiple devices that include smartphones, tablets and traditional PCs.

Recently added WPS Office features that are popular with FLEET GURU include several updates to the iOS platform. As a majority of the company’s staff uses an iPhone or iPad, the iOS features have been very useful for business. The first of these innovative features is Wireless Projection. This feature is ideal for on-the-spot presentations that take place at dealer locations, requiring only the projector available onsite at many of the customer locations. With Wireless Projection, the user can display any presentation by sending to any Smart Connect TV (DLNA) or Airplay device to turn the iOS device into a presenter. This enables the presenter to display the sales presentation, watching it on a full screen that can easily be shared with others in the room.

In addition to Wireless Projection, FLEET GURU also utilizes WPS Office Wired Projection, which is also available using a wired connection and VGA/HDMI adapter. With this technology, the company’s staff can project a presentation from an iOS device to a TV/Projector/Display, enabling meeting attendees to view presentations and other content on a full screen.

“The capabilities in WPS Cloud really captured our attention when seeking agile computing solutions for our business,” noted Melcic. “However, there are many unique capabilities in the software that are of value and give an edge to FLEET GURU. While only added in a recent update, Wired/Wireless Projection is one of those features that provide greater options in how we conduct customer meetings. This capability makes it much easier to conduct sales presentations with prospective clients and eliminates the need to carry around a bulky laptop. We appreciate the convenience this brings to our sales efforts. Taking all of this into consideration, the WPS Office is a winning solution for FLEET GURU.”

“ Wired/Wireless Projection makes it much easier to conductsales presentations to prospective clients and eliminates the need to carry around a bulky laptop. Taking all of this into consideration, WPS Office is a winning solution for FLEET GURU. ”

- Veronica Melcic, President, FLEET GURU,LLC

How it works

WPS Office Suite is a complete suite that includes Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, and a built-in PDF reader, in an easy to use and familiar user interface. The suite offers complete compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents, as well as more than 230 fonts and hundreds of free templates. Integration with cloud providers such as Google Drive, Drop Box and Box gives users the ability to collaborate with others and support business operations.

WPS Office has a free Mobile Office Suite for Android that allows users to view, edit, and create Office documents anywhere. WPS Office has more than 550 million Android users and has received over 1,000,000 reviews on Google Play. The application is fully compatible with MS Office and Google Docs and is available free with no subscription required. WPS Office also offers a free Mobile Office Suite for iPhone and iPad, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Docs and supports English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

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