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Case Study

XSite Studios Chooses WPS Office Productivity Suite over Microsoft Office for Feature-Rich PC/Mobile Office Software with Seamless Compatibility and Pricing Advantages

Digital Content Creation Firm Achieves Higher Productivity at the Office and on the Road with WPS Office Writer, Presentations, and Spreadsheets for PC, Android, and iOS Computing


“ The WPS Office Productivity Suite for PCs and mobile devices gives us the tools to excel regardless of location.”

- Brain Crow, Production Manager, XSite Studios

The Problem

XSite Studios specializes in film, TV, and web productions including, 6K video production, and the creation of digital assets for entertainment and business use. Our Studio maintains a team of expert content creators with more than 20 years of experience in working with organizations of every size. Renown for attention to detail on every project, the mission of all management and staff members is to overachieve for our customers. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, leading motion-picture studios and production facilities count on XSite Studios to ensure the timely production of digital content on a recurring basis.

In the early part of the new millennium, XSite Studios conducted much of its sales and marketing activities in-house. However, as the company grew and company executives were required to spend many hours offsite meeting with customers, it became more difficult to maintain productive work schedules as many of the company’s team members did not have the required software to read and edit documents, spreadsheets, or presentations on their Apple iPhones. Having previously used Microsoft Office, the company found the software to be expensive to retain for multiple users and for one-time projects that required several temporary crew members

To address these issues, Brian Crow of XSite Studios initiated a search for a more flexible and efficient office productivity suite that would support the digital content creator’s IT cost containment goals. Having lived most of his life in the entertainment and digital content creation industries, Crow was aware of several possible options. He needed one that would provide many of the capabilities required for a growing business whose team spent its time in-house and on the road.

Most of the work to be conducted with the office productivity suite it selected would include the creation of proposals, plans, and presentations of the projects managed by their producers and directors. The team often held lunch meetings with customers which required a laptop, tablet, or smartphone capable of showing a presentation or documents created by XSite Studios. The office productivity solution they chose would need to offer a seamless work environment and cloud connectivity for access to files for documents, yet simple access to these mission critical applications.

The Solution

When Brian Crow, a high-tech veteran with experience across hundreds of business and consumer applications, set out to determine the best office productivity suite for XSite Studios, his search quickly narrowed to WPS Office. After consulting with colleagues, the PC/mobile office software quickly landed on the short list of solutions to consider. Crow was immediately impressed by the software’s range of licensing options. There was both a personal and business version of WPS Office available with very affordable pricing options. Based on the company’s needs, Crow opted for WPS Office 2016 Business Edition. The licensing choices included an annual license, for $44.99, or a lifetime license, for $79.99, which was selected based on the expected use of the solution.

The WPS Office Productivity Suite gives us the tools to get the job done regardless of location or budget,” said Brian Crow, Production Manager of XSite Studios. “The application’s familiar interface is very intuitive and simple to use. In using WPS Office on our iOS mobile devices, we noticed that the app responded faster than our previous solution, enhancing the productivity of our offsite, location-based crews.”

Crow also found the templates from the application’s Docer library to be very valuable. WPS Office offers a large number of templates to help with the creation of word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to reduce the time needed for quality document creation.

“The Docer template library saves valuable time when the need to create a custom document arises. The library offers a wide range of templates that includes meeting agendas, letterhead templates, weekly planners, employee forms, and much more,” noted Crow. “The templates alone in WPS Office Writer have helped us accomplish daily tasks much quicker and easier than was previously possible. This feature is a substantial bonus for business users.”

Other notable positives about the software included a simple section navigation tool and the ability to open multiple documents in individual tabs. The section navigation tool makes it easy to switch between and modify content in different sections. It allows quick access to cover pages, content pages, headers, and footers to split or delete sections. Having multiple document tabs makes it simple to switch between document windows for efficient and natural switching, much like web browsing.

“WPS Office includes many features we find to be essential for business use. The ability to open PDFs within Writer, open multiple documents in the same window, and store documents in the cloud are all relevant capabilities for our business,” added Crow. “We look forward to growing our operation along with WPS Office, which has proven to be critical software for both our sales and design teams.”

“ The templates alone in WPS Office Writer have helped us accomplish daily tasks much quicker and easier than was previously possible. This feature is a substantial bonus for business users. ”

- Brain Crow, Production Manager, XSite Studios

How it works

WPS Office Suite is a complete suite that includes Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, and a built-in PDF reader, in an easy to use and familiar user interface. The suite offers complete compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents, as well as more than 230 fonts and hundreds of free templates. Integration with cloud providers such as Google Drive, Drop Box and Box gives users the ability to collaborate with others and support business operations.

WPS Office has a free Mobile Office Suite for Android that allows users to view, edit, and create Office documents anywhere. WPS Office has more than 550 million Android users and has received over 1,000,000 reviews on Google Play. The application is fully compatible with MS Office and Google Docs and is available free with no subscription required. WPS Office also offers a free Mobile Office Suite for iPhone and iPad, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Docs and supports English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

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To download a free Personal Version of WPS Office or the Premium Business 30-Day Trial, visit https://www.wps.com.