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PALO ALTO, Calif., Apr 30, 2015 -- The leading Office Productivity Software providing company, Kingsoft Office Software, unveiled its all new updated WPS Office, especially designed for Android. The new version adds a lot of features such as in-depth functionality and accessibility for its users with Dropbox accounts.

The updated app is regarded as the building block of what is going to be a huge collaboration between the two companies that will aim to provide a more combined mobile workflow for business users and consumers.

As a result of the integration, WPS Office users with Dropbox accounts will now easily be able to login and access all the files and folders that are saved in Dropbox, via WPS Office. Moreover, they will also be able to view, edit, and save these files via WPS Office and will be able to share these documents either through mail, messaging and web chat. another amenity provided by Kingsoft Office for Dropbox users is that now they will be able to access all their files and folders via WPS Office.

Frank Fu, President of Kingsoft Office Software US said: "For mobile users, email has become one of the primary methods for managing office documents, email isn't the most efficient or scalable method for collaborating and sharing documents. Our partnership with Dropbox helps to improve this scenario by making it easier to save and share Dropbox documents right from within WPS Office."

Christine Moon who heads the mobile partnerships division at Dropbox said: "We're focused on building the best place to get work done. That means giving users ways to collaborate within the apps they already use. With their expertise in mobile productivity, we're excited to work with Kingsoft to provide more ways to create and share documents on the go."

Apart from this, Dropbox accounts will also be available for WPS account users and they will be provided with 10 GB’s of free storage space, valid for three months. Kingsoft will utilize its 400 million WPS Office users throughout the world to promote the offer. Apart from Android, the integration will be rolled out for WPS Office on iPhone and iPad within a few weeks.

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