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  1. Support for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, allowing for more convenient access to commonly used tools
  2. Support for switching between open documents by pressing Ctrl+Tab.
  3. Better picture preview: support for both full-screen and standard previews.
  4. Support for compound type in WordArt.
  5. Added backup interval settings. (Main Menu -> Options -> Backup Settings).
  6. Bug fix: Icons no longer appear too small on high resolution screens.

WPS Writer

  1. Added vertical alignment settings for vertical textbox.

WPS Presentation

  1. Support for exporting to video. (Special Features -> Export to Video)
  2. Support for converting to Word document. (Special Features -> Convert to Word Document)
  3. Support for exporting to images. (Special Features -> Export to Image)
  4. Added two Smart Guides: Border/Center alignment line and Equal Distance line for easier object positioning.
  5. Improved video insertion and playback, added ¡°Video Tools¡± tab.
  6. Bug fix: crash problem under certain environments.

WPS Spreadsheets

  1. Conditional Formatting now supports more than 3 simultaneous conditions, adding rules such as Data Bars, Color Scales, and Icon Sets.
  2. Support for directly showing comments, editing comment box size, font, and font size.
  3. Support for printing comments.
  4. Support for Document Slimming, allowing users to reduce document size. (Special Features -> Document Slimming)
  5. Bug fix: currency format in cells failed to display correctly under certain zoom scales.
  6. Bug fix: Auto fill cells when entering duplicated values (#260736).

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