5 Free AI Report Writer Generators [Updated in 2024]

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Report writing, including lab reports, is an important skill for effectively presenting progress, findings, and detailed information. However, this task is frequently time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, AI technology has transformed the landscape of content creation, providing efficient and automated solutions. You're not alone if you're looking for a free AI report writer to help you streamline your process. This article is a comprehensive guide that highlights the best free AI lab report writers and AI report writers, allowing you to effortlessly create accurate and well-structured reports. Let's get started and harness the power of AI for your report writing needs.

Part 1: 5 Free AI Content Generator Tools


WPS AI is a tool that can be used for various purposes, such as generating content, summarizing documents, analyzing data, and creating slides. It can also help with reading PDFs and understanding key points by answering questions and generating summaries. WPS AI enhances productivity, streamlines workflows, and helps users achieve their goals efficiently.

WPS AI interface


  • Report Writing: WPS AI aids users in creating detailed reports with objectives, time, location, attendees, and agendas.

  • Content Generator: WPS AI generates content for articles, blogs, product descriptions, and social media posts, allowing users to customize tone and sentence.

  • Content Rewriter: WPS AI can also assist users in rewriting content to make it more engaging and persuasive.

  • Auto-Summarizer: WPS AI can summarize documents and assist users in understanding and emphasizing key points.


  • WPS AI enhances content creation, document summarization, data analysis, and slide design.

  • WPS AI can be used as a copywriting assistant to write persuasive copy that helps achieve business goals faster

  • WPS AI can help users conduct research by providing relevant information and sources.


  • Users can not experience complete AI tools as it is still Beta version



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  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

5,820,008 User


Algirdas Jasaitis

2. is an AI-powered platform that helps users create written content quickly and easily. It uses natural language processing algorithms to analyze data and generate optimized copy for specific goals. can generate copy for a variety of purposes, including article writing, blogging, product descriptions, social media posts, digital ad copy, website content, and blog writing. interface


  • uses GPT-3 models to automatically generate content based on the user's input.

  • provides content generation specialized tools, resulting in higher quality and more intuitive outputs.

  • can help user produce product descriptions, write blogs, curate content for Q&A and also generate relevant FAQs for the your page


  • is an AI-powered platform that can assist users in quickly and easily creating written content.

  • provides a wide range of writing templates and tools, including more templates than some of its competitors.


  •'s output quality may not be as high in terms of clarity, originality, and cohesion as that of some of its competitors.

  • Pricing can be a bit high, particularly for small business owners or solopreneurs.

  • Human oversight and review of AI copy will always be required for accuracy because AI isn't always perfect.

3. Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant that assists users in producing high-quality content in a matter of seconds and at a fraction of the cost. It is a content writing platform that uses artificial intelligence to create content for a variety of use cases, such as blog posts, essays, articles, product descriptions, and more. Rytr's algorithms are trained on historical data to produce unique and compelling articles with the appropriate tone and style, as well as grammatically correct articles. Interface


  • Plagiarism checker: includes a native plagiarism checker to ensure the authenticity of the content and make necessary changes.

  • Grammar check: includes a grammar check feature to ensure professional-level writing.

  • Content Generator: can generate high-quality content for a variety of use cases, such as blog posts, essays, articles, product descriptions, and more.

  • SEO analyzer: provides an SEO analyzer to help you find the best keywords and write a well-written content brief.


  • provides an SEO analyzer to help you find the best keywords and create a well-written content brief.

  • is inexpensive and simple to use, with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to navigate.


  • may fabricate facts or require human editing before publishing online.

  • For new users, the user interface can be perplexing.

4. Contentbot

ContentBot is an AI-powered content automation and workflow platform with a variety of features to help with content creation. It is a robust content platform that supports every need and language, and it employs GPT-3 to generate high-quality content for a variety of use cases. It is a powerful AI writing tool that can help users save time and work more efficiently. interface


  • AI content flows: AI content flows are provided by ContentBot to help streamline the content creation process.

  • AI WordPress Plugins: ContentBot provides AI WordPress plugins to automate content creation and workflow.

  • Scheduled content: ContentBot allows users to schedule content to be published at a later time.

  • Drag-and-drop blog post builders: To make it easier to create blog posts, ContentBot includes a drag-and-drop blog post builder.

  • AI landing pages: ContentBot provides AI landing pages that generate landing page copy with the click of a button.


  • ContentBot includes an SEO indicator to assist users in creating optimised content that ranks well.

  • ContentBot provides a wide range of customization options as well as an easy-to-use interface.


  • While can produce content quickly, it lacks the creative flair and originality that human writers bring.

  • While strives to produce high-quality content, errors or inaccuracies in the generated output are possible.

  • is heavily reliant on the data on which it was trained.

5. Frase is an artificial intelligence-powered content optimisation platform that assists users in creating high-quality SEO articles and content. It includes AI-powered content briefs, topic research, and content optimisation among its features for streamlining content creation processes. was created to assist users in creating content that will rank higher in search engines and drive more traffic to their website. homepage


  • Topic Research: analyzes search engines to generate a list of questions related to your keyword, including the source of the question and the monthly search volume.

  • Content Optimization: provides a variety of content optimization features to assist users in creating high-quality SEO articles and content.

  • AI copywriting tools: provides AI-powered copywriting tools to assist users in producing high-quality content.


  • provides robust content optimization features that can help improve SEO performance and overall content quality.

  • automates the research process by pulling information from multiple sources.


  • offerings can be pricey for users looking for something more affordable.

  • offers predefined content creation templates and structures, which may limit customization options.

Part 2: How to Generate a Report Using WPS AI

Step 1: Visit WPS AI official website and register yourself for the early bird access.

WPS AI waitlist

Step 2: Once approved, users will receive an official link from WPS AI. Using the link, users can download and install WPS AI in their systems

Step 3: Once installed, users can now launch WPS AI and create a new word file for their work


Step 4: To ask WPS AI to write a report, users can visit the WPS AI tool on the Home tab.

WPS AI tool

Step 5: On the WPS AI tool, users can type a new prompt to ask AI to generate content. In our example, we will ask WPS AI to generate a report for us.

WPS AI report prompt

Step 6: Once the prompt is given to WPS AI, it will generate a detailed report.

WPS AI generated report

Step 7: Users can ask AI to Continue/Rewrite/Accept/Discard

WPS AI tools

Part 3: 10 Useful AI Prompts Examples For Report Writer

Example 1

Prompt: “Write a detailed environmental report analyzing the detrimental effects of plastic trash on marine ecosystems and suggesting remedies to alleviate the problem.”

Environmental Report Prompt example

Example 2

Prompt: “Write a detailed biographical report on professional footballers' lives and careers. Examine footballers' adventures, from their early beginnings and progress at youth academies through their experiences playing for prestigious clubs and national teams.”

Example 3

Prompt: “Write a common sleep disorder report on how insomnia damages people's mental and physical health, productivity, and overall standard of life. Propose methods for preventing, handling, and treating insomnia to reduce its harmful impact on individuals and the community.”

Example 4

Prompt: “Produce a thorough economic report on how inflation affects Pakistan socially and economically, along with ways to minimize the adverse impacts on individuals, businesses, and the entire economy.”

Example 5

Prompt: “Create a comprehensive medical report on cancer prevention and overall well-being strategies. Examine the significance of the measures in avoiding cancer, such as nutrition, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use, and exposure to sunlight.”

Example 6

Prompt: “Create a detailed Marital report investigating the variables contributing to today's high divorce rates. Examine the social, economic, and psychological factors which lead to marriage dissolution, such as evolving societal norms,  lack of communication, and cheating.”

Example 7

Prompt: “Create an in-depth drug addiction report to examine the social, economic, and health impacts of drug use in society, as well as ways of early diagnosis, treatment, and harm reduction.”

Example 8

Prompt: “Create a market analysis report with detailed demographic and psychographic information of Chinato help sell detergent.”

Example 9

Prompt: “Create a report on how Australia saved fresh water from wastage for the year 2022.“

Example 10

Prompt: “Create a report on how many pre-built computers were sold during the month of May and compare it with the sales of motherboards.”


Q1. What types of content can AI writing software create?

AI writing software can create various types of content, including but not limited to:

  • Blog posts: AI writing tools can generate short and long-form blog posts

  • Social media posts: AI writing tools can help generate content ideas, suggest topics, and even write headlines for social media posts

  • Product descriptions: AI writing tools can generate product descriptions for eCommerce websites

  • Emails: AI writing tools can help generate email copy

  • Landing pages: AI writing tools can generate landing page copy

  • Ebooks: AI writing tools can generate ebooks

  • Whitepapers: AI writing tools can generate whitepapers

Q2. What other capabilities does WPS AI possess In addition to content writing?

Along with AI writing abilities, users can also use WPS AI to summarize and paraphrase content for their ease.

Unlock the Power of AI: Embrace WPS AI for an Enhanced Office Experience!

There are several options available in 2023 for finding free AI report writer generators. Free AI report writer generators like WPS AI,,,, and offer productivity tools for content creation, enhancing report writing efficiency and ensuring accurate, well-structured reports.

However, WPS AI, being an Office Suite, has functionalities beyond content creation.  WPS AI offers a comprehensive office suite with AI assistance, empowering users in tasks such as content generation, slide creation, Excel manipulation, PDF editing, and summarization. Join the waitlist now to experience the benefits of WPS AI firsthand. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Visit WPS AI today.

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