How to Remove Watermark from PDF Online and Offline for Free

July 31, 2023 4.4K views

If you have received a PDF file With a watermark, then surely you must be searching for how to remove watermark from PDF. Just continue reading to get a solution to the troublesome issue… Watermarks (image or text) are always irritating and disrupt the process of reading any document. People mostly use Watermarks in their documents(PDF, word, sheets, or ppt) to protect them from copyright stealing .sometimes, to have better access to the document and remove obstacles in the way of viewing all its features, we need to get rid of the watermark.

Don't worry; here, we'll discuss some online and offline methods to help you remove watermark from PDF files.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF Using WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the most convenient and offline ways to remove watermark from your documents. Let's look into steps to resolve the problem:

1-You need to open your desired document in the WPS office.

2-In the upper menu, tap on the "Insert" button and go to "watermark."


3-At the bottom, you will see two options; here, you must select "Delete Watermark."


4-Wao! see the magic; your file is now watermark free.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF for free Using Microsoft Word

Look no other way if you already have MS word installed on your device. Follow the below steps to remove the watermark from your PDF file Offline:

1-Go to the PDF file with the watermark and right-click to open it.

2-Select the option “Open with” and then “Microsoft word.”

3-A warning message will appear. You need to click OK.


4-Now your PDF file is in editable word format. If you've MS word's latest version, then to remove the watermark, Hit the “Design” tab and select “Watermark''. (In MS word 2007 0r 2010, you can find the watermark option in the Page Layout tab).


5-Select “Remove watermark” from the given options to remove all watermarks on your document.


6-To save your document again as PDF, go to Save as and select PDF as output format.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF Online for free

There are many online ways to delete watermarks from your documents. The easiest one is the use of google drive.

  1. Upload the PDF containing the watermark to your drive.
  2. When the PDF is in drive, right-click on it and select one with >Google Docs.
  3. Now your file is editable, and the watermark is no more. Otherwise, you can remove the watermark manually.
  4. Save your file again as a PDF and see your file is without any watermark now.


All the methods mentioned above to remove watermark from PDFs are authentic. But, the google drive method only works for files with smaller sizes (only 2MB) and can disrupt original formatting, so avoid using it.WPS Office is the best and most convenient method; thanks to its all -in one feature, it allows multiple functionalities and can deal with all file types. Download it Now and resolve your 99.9% problems!

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