How to insert row shortcut in excel

August 1, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel has become one of the most used programs worldwide since it allows you to organize tasks. People who use Excel are surely looking for a guide to provide more information on certain techniques. It is fair that you learn everything about Excel, in this way your work will be in perfect condition.

Today you have the opportunity to learn and excel insert row shortcut and thus add rows directly. This technique is easy to apply when you want to add more rows. You have to be familiar with Excel, and this guide gives you real information on how to add rows much faster and without so many complications.

How to excel insert row shortcut?

Most of the shortcuts can be executed through the keyboard since it is one of the fastest ways. You will be able to add or delete rows with total speed, and thus you will be able to increase productivity when doing your work during the day. Here is an excel insert row shortcut that is quick and easy to apply to your spreadsheets.

1. Open the blank sheet or calculation box.

2. Select the row.

3. Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + +.

4. You can also do this by right-clicking and clicking Insert.

The advantage of using the keyboard is that it has a wide variety of shortcuts that can help you get things done faster.

How to excel insert row shortcut online?

Now, if, in this case, what you are looking for is to add several rows in the spreadsheet, here is another Excel insert row shortcut.

1. Select with the cursor several rows in Excel.

2. Press the Ctrl + Shift + + keys simultaneously.

3. The results are several rows added to the spreadsheet.

Using this same Excel insert row shortcut, you can add cells to the dialog by selecting a cell and pressing Ctrl + Shift + +.

How to Excel insert row shortcut Mac?

On Mac computers, you can also find various shortcuts to add rows directly. Follow the steps by step and get results.

1. Open the new spreadsheet or the one you will use.

2. Select the row, and click the number at the far end of the sheet.

3. If you want to add a single row, select one. If you want to add more, select the amount you want.

4. When selecting them, press the Control + Shift + = buttons simultaneously.

You must select the number of rows you want to add so that this Excel insert row shortcut can work. Knowing how to handle the keyboard will make everything easier for you when creating rows, columns, or any technique. The other option is to use the Quick Access Toolbar, located at the top of the document.

Most of the equipment works with any shortcuts that you could know today in this post. There is a list of Excel insert row shortcut, either to place rows or to use another type of tool that is useful for you. In WPS Academy, you can take a look at their articles since they are the ones who are in charge of offering more information to their users.

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