7 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions 2024

June 14, 2024 535 views

As a writer, I constantly strive to produce quality content that adds value to my readers. However, this often entails juggling multiple tasks, from responding to emails and addressing queries from people worldwide to sourcing accurate information. This balancing act has been a journey, but I've discovered effective hacks to multitask efficiently and fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my abilities.

To optimize my workflow, I rely on several ChatGPT Chrome extensions. These extensions eliminate the need to switch between tabs constantly, streamlining my research process and allowing me to access the information I need seamlessly. In this article, I'll highlight the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for writers and demonstrate how to use them effectively.

7 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions 2024

The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

I understand the frustration of searching for the right extension that matches the quality of ChatGPT. It can be exhausting to sift through numerous options, especially when their features appear similar. That's why I've compiled a curated list of plugins with similar AI qualities. Instead of presenting a random assortment, I've categorized them based on their specific strengths.

AIPal:Comprehensive capabilities for diverse needs.

ChatGPT Writer: Ensures clear and concise email communication.

WebChatGPT: Seamless access for internet users.

ChatGPT for Google:Quick and accurate responses integrated with Google Search.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude:Efficient video summarization.

Talk-to-ChatGPT: Vocal interaction for enhanced user experience.

AIPRM for ChatGPT:Curated templates for structured conversations.

7 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for 2024

I've had my fair share of experiences with various plugins claiming to be AI-powered, but not all of them live up to their promises. That's why I'm offering you an honest recommendation based on my extensive usage: the top 7 Chrome ChatGPT extensions. These tools have been invaluable to me as a writer, and I'm confident they'll be just as beneficial for you.

AIPal – An All-Encompassing Solution

AIPal has truly been the best Chrome extension for me. It not only met but exceeded all my expectations. Working with it is a delight, as it eliminates the need to switch between different tabs. Its integration with Microsoft's interface is seamless; I just click on the cat icon to activate the extension, and it effortlessly performs any task I ask of it. Whether I need to chat, seek opinions, translate text, summarize lengthy passages on the web, or even check my grammar, AIPal does it all. Plus, it offers a generous free plan for using major large language models like GPT-3.5, 4, Claude, or Gemini. While it may seem like the perfect tool for writers, it's truly a versatile solution that benefits everyone.


Tips: How to Get and Use AIPal

Just like ChatGPT aids in everyday conversations, AIPal serves as a versatile assistant for various tasks, conveniently resting on the side of the Chrome extension. AIPal can be downloaded just like any other Chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore. Here's how I use it to help me with my day-to-day activities:

  • Task 1: Conducting Research with AIPal

As a writer, accurate details are crucial, requiring extensive research. AIPal customizes the research process, offering answers without switching tabs. By engaging in conversation, AIPal provides insights, utilizing the GPT-4 model to fetch relevant information efficiently.

  • Task 2: Digesting Webpages

Long articles can be overwhelming, but AIPal simplifies this by allowing users to digest important information from webpages. Users can hover over the AIPal assistant icon, select "Digest Page," and receive a summary, with the option to ask follow-up questions for deeper insights.

  • Task 3: Writing Better Prompts with AIPal

Writing effective prompts for AI image generators can be challenging. AIPal streamlines this process by generating clear and detailed prompts. Users can click on the AIPal icon next to the text box, choose from different writing options, and ask AIPal to create a prompt tailored to their needs.

AIPal acts as a reliable companion, providing efficient assistance across various tasks without the need to switch tabs or juggle multiple tools.

  • Task 4: Reading with AIPal

When encountering lengthy articles or documents, AIPal offers a solution to streamline reading. Users can rely on AIPal to summarize content, making it easier to grasp key points quickly. By clicking on the AIPal icon, users can access the reading feature, which condenses lengthy texts into concise summaries, facilitating efficient comprehension.

  • Task 5: Translation and Grammar Checking with AIPal

In addition to reading assistance, AIPal enhances language-related tasks such as translation and grammar checking. By leveraging its advanced AI capabilities, AIPal provides accurate translations between languages, aiding in communication and comprehension across different linguistic contexts. Furthermore, users can utilize AIPal for grammar checking, ensuring written content is free from errors and maintains clarity and professionalism. With AIPal's comprehensive language support, users can confidently engage in multilingual activities, streamlining their writing and communication processes.

ChatGPT Writer — Best for Professional Email Replies

While ChatGPT Writer possesses the capability to generate professional grade content essentially replacing the role of a writer, its quality is still in need of improvement. It's estimated that it will be a while before ChatGPT reaches the level of human-like proficiency. Nonetheless, it remains beneficial to writers like myself for its versatility and support across all messaging platforms, particularly Gmail. Its ability to correct grammar mistakes, rephrase text, adjust writing tone, and summarize content makes it a great tool. And the fact that it's free to use further enhances its appeal.

ChatGPT Writer

WebChatGPT – Equipping ChatGPT with Internet Access

You'll love WebChatGPT if you use ChatGPT because it tackles all your concerns regarding ChatGPT. Need clearer prompts for more precise responses? WebChatGPT's got you covered. Craving up-to-date, web-accessible information? Leave that to WebChatGPT. Essentially, it's a level-up for ChatGPT. This one the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions free seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT, broadening its scope. Plus, it cites information for you. However, since live chat necessitates both parties to be online simultaneously, providing support might take longer, especially during peak hours.


ChatGPT for Google – ChatGPT Alongside Google Search

ChatGPT for Google integrates seamlessly with your web browsing experience, offering a powerful upgrade to your search capabilities. Instead of typing keywords into search engines, you can use natural language prompts. This extension provides side-by-side results, displaying both Google search results and ChatGPT's responses. This dual approach gives you comprehensive answers, combining the depth of ChatGPT's insights with the breadth of Google's search results, making your searches more efficient and informative.

ChatGPT for Google

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude – Best for Digesting YouTube Videos

YouTube is a phenomenal resource for gathering information, regardless of where you are in your professional journey. However, what if you don't have time to watch lengthy videos, whether they're 9, 20, or even 50 minutes long? That's where YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude comes in as a lifesaver. It provides a summary right alongside the video, offering digestible portions from the transcript. This allows you to skim through and grasp the essence of the content without having to invest time watching the entire video. Despite its name, it doesn't solely deliver summaries; rather, it offers a convenient way to access key points and insights from YouTube videos.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude

Talk-to-ChatGPT – Spoken Conversation with ChatGPT

Talk to GPT is the perfect solution for ChatGPT users who prefer not to type, type slowly, or cannot type. This extension integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT, allowing you to speak your prompts instead. It then converts your speech into text prompts and provides responses accordingly. With support for over 100 languages, you can comfortably use the language you are most familiar with to communicate your thoughts.


This feature is incredibly useful, offering a more accessible and efficient way to interact with ChatGPT. However, the main drawback is its compatibility issue—it doesn't work with many versions of office suites, limiting its use in some professional environments.

AIPRM for ChatGPT – Your Prompts Library

When you activate AIPRM, the interface looks a lot like WebChatGPT's extension, but there's a big difference. While WebChatGPT is great for getting real-time info from the web, AIPRM is all about smoothly blending with ChatGPT. This is a blessing for users who get frustrated when ChatGPT doesn't quite get what they're saying. AIPRM steps in with clear prompts that work with various AI tools. You can use it to make cooler images with DALL-E or jazz up template generation with other AI models like LayoutLM.

As you're adding prompts, AIPRM will provide options like the language you want the answer in, the tone, and different writing styles. This means you don't have to specify those details in your prompts, giving you more information to include in your prompts themselves.



Primary Function

Ease of Use

Key Feature




General AI Assistance


All-in-one AI tool

ChatGPT Writer


Writing Assistance






Real-time Info


Real-time update

ChatGPT for Google

Google, ChatGPT

Enhanced Search


Combines Search Results

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude

YouTube, ChatGPT

Video Summarization


Summarizes long videos



Voice Interaction


Hands-free Use



Project Risk Management


Enhances Prompts


Q1: How to access ChatGPT 4 for free?

To use GPT-4, users can simply download the AI Pal Chrome extension. The best part about using GPT-4 with AI Pal is that, unlike other solutions where you have to switch tabs or change windows (like with Bing), AI Pal lets you access GPT-4 within the same tab. Users can not only get answers from GPT-4 but also from Claude, and use it for various purposes such as translation, writing tasks, and more.

Q2: How to install the ChatGPT plugin?

Here's How you can download and install ChatGPT plugins:

Step 1: Select Plugin Store from the Plugins dropdown menu in ChatGPT 4.

Step 2: In the Plugin Store, search for the desired plugin using the search bar.

Step 3: Select the plugin you wish to install and then click on the "Install" button.

Step 4: After a plugin is installed, it will be available for use in future ChatGPT sessions.

Q3. How do ChatGPT Chrome extensions enhance productivity?

These extensions enhance productivity by integrating AI capabilities into your browsing experience. They help in several ways:

  • Automate repetitive tasks: Save time by automating routine activities such as drafting emails, generating reports, or summarizing documents.

  • Provide instant answers to queries: Quickly find information or get answers to questions without leaving your current tab or application.

  • Improve the quality of written communication: Enhance your writing by correcting grammar, rephrasing sentences, and adjusting the tone to suit your audience.

  • Summarize content: Easily summarize lengthy articles, documents, or videos with AI-generated summaries.

Enhancing Productivity and Expanding Possibilities

AI has truly made our lives much easier by not only expanding the scope of our work and enabling us to achieve the impossible, but also by automating many of our tasks. For every profession, there are AI extensions that integrate with web pages and ChatGPT, offering capabilities beyond those of average AI tools. The list of best ChatGPT Chrome extensions is extensive, and I am continuously testing more to find the best options. So far, my opinion is that AIPal stands out as the best, and I highly recommend you try it too.

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