Adobe Acrobat Updates in 2021 and 2022

July 31, 2023 1.9K views

What is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is the all-in-one pdf tool for desktop, mobile, and web users. Pdf is the most widely and user-friendly tool to share and read the document for students and everyone who has to share or read any document. Just like every tool or software, the updates of adobe acrobat are live for the users as soon as the new function is introduced.

Updates are necessary to keep track of the pace of working of any tool, and it's necessary that every tool should address the user's issues for their ease at time. We will list some of the updates of adobe acrobat in 2021 and 2022 or what's new about it in this article.

Importance of Adobe acrobat

Whether you are using the desktop, mobile, or web, adobe acrobat is always helpful to keep your business or studies at pace with its easy editing, sharing, and sign-in features. In short, you can use adobe acrobat for

  1. Editing your document

  2. You can add comments, compress the document and reorganize the text

  3. Merge different files or split them

  4. You can convert pdf to excel, word, ppt, and print

  5. Similarly, you can convert your excel, word, ppt, and printable files into pdf by using adobe acrobat.


  6. You can convert your HTML and image files to pdf and vice versa.

  7. You can make your files secure and ensure a reliable transfer to one another by signing in to your file.

  8. You can request signatures, fill out or sign your pdf and convert it into a form.

  9. You can insert or delete some pages and reorder or rotate the pages.

  10. You can share, compare, lock, unlock and comment on your files.

Why use Adobe acrobat?

  1. Its basic features are available for free. But for the advance option, you have to move towards paid version.

  2. It gives you the option to sign and lock your files. It ensures privacy and protects your files.

  3. It's available online or offline.

  4. You can share the files with your friends. And all the above-mentioned features clearly show why to use adobe acrobat.

Updated functions of Adobe Acrobat in 2021 and 2022

Adobe function updates in 2021

  1. It can ease random or tough document conversion for you.

  2. Its easily suitable for mac, window, and mobile

  3. The following images clearly show why to use this pdf converter tool.

  4. Modernize crop and edit tools 

  5. Chrome extension enhancement

  6. You can create a Blank page pdf

  7. Navigate form fields

  8. Window-sized auto-undock of the head-up display 

  9. Flash player preference removed

  10. Adobe acrobat dc for Windows(64-bit)

  11. Cloud storage indicator

  12. Split and secure pdf online

Adobe function updates in 2022

  1. New auto adjust the layout

  2. Request signatures

  3. Reorganize pages

  4. Collaboration workflow seamless experience

  5. Support for drag and drop pdf

  6. Support for voice over

  7. Liquid mode for iPhone, iPad, and androids

  8. Navigate and select freely by the cursor

  9. Automatic text and image adjustment across the page after editing.

  10. Inline text and images

  11. Easy selection of text along the text box

Guide to Download WPS:

WPS offers the same facilities. No doubt you can find many similar tools, but WPS provides more functions in the free version than the other tools like adobe acrobat. You can edit, reorder, convert and share your files through WPS., and it's available for free for Windows and Mac. Download the WPS to enjoy all these functions.

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