Boost Your Productivity by Using ChatGPT for Excel: Tutorials, Review and Alternatives

July 31, 2023 1.8K views

Excel has a great deal of productivity potential since it is a strong tool for computations and data processing. The challenge, however, is figuring out very complicated formulas. How can you have access to the convenience and save time?

Your formula creation partners, ChatGPT and AI chatbots, are now present. If creating Excel formulas is difficult for you, this tool is ideal for you. Prepare to unlock the full potential of Excel's productivity and efficiency.

How to Use ChatGPT for Excel?

Are you prepared to maximize ChatGPT's ability to improve your Excel experience? We'll take you through how to use ChatGPT for Excel in this beginner's tutorial.

ChatGPT makes generating complicated formulae easier because of its simple UI and AI-powered features. Welcome a new age of productivity and bid farewell to the hours wasted figuring out Excel functionalities.

Let's get started and see how ChatGPT may transform your Excel routine. Take these few steps to get started:

  • Get the ChatGPT Plugin installed: Install the ChatGPT plugin for Excel first. The power of AI has smoothly integrated into your accustomed Excel experience thanks to this connection.

  • Open the ChatGPT Panel: After installing the plugin, launch the ChatGPT panel in Excel. You may communicate with the AI chatbot using a user-friendly interface provided by the platform.

  • Start a chat: Type your question or formula need in simple English to start a chat with ChatGPT. You may, for instance, request answers to queries like "How do I calculate the average of a range in Excel?" or "Generate a pivot table based on this dataset."

  • Get formulae and Explanations: ChatGPT will evaluate your question fast and provide the appropriate Excel formula. It will also provide justifications and perceptions on the fundamental reasoning. For your unique demands, you may anticipate thorough justifications and even alternative solutions.

  • Iterate and refine: Don't worry if the first formula offered by ChatGPT doesn't quite fit your needs. You may change your request or request more information. In response, ChatGPT will adjust and provide revised formulae.

  • Use the produced Formula: To use the produced formula, just copy it from the ChatGPT panel and paste it into the appropriate cell in your Excel worksheet after you're happy with it. Watch as your calculations come to life when the magic occurs!

You may use ChatGPT for Excel to use artificial intelligence to speed up and simplify the formula generation process. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our tutorial, where we'll examine advanced capabilities and advice on how to use ChatGPT in Excel productively. Prepare to boost your Excel proficiency and advance your data analysis.

How to Ask ChatGPT to Answer Excel Concepts

To ask ChatGPT to answer Excel concepts in a more human-like way, you can use the following approach:

  • Begin with a polite greeting: "Hello there! Could you please help me with some Excel concepts?"

Greet ChatGPT
  • State your specific question or topic clearly: "I'm having trouble understanding how to create pivot tables in Excel. Could you explain the process to me?"

State your question
  • Ask for a detailed explanation: "Could you provide a step-by-step guide on how to create pivot tables in Excel?"

Request for explanation
  • Express your gratitude in a friendly manner: "Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate your assistance with this."

Thank ChatGPT

By using a polite and friendly tone, you can make your request to ChatGPT sound more human-like and approachable. Remember to ask specific questions and provide enough context for ChatGPT to understand your needs.

How to Ask ChatGPT to Write Excel Formulas and Functions

To ask ChatGPT to help you with writing Excel formulas and functions, follow these steps:

  • Clearly state your request: Begin by addressing ChatGPT and expressing your need for assistance with Excel formulas and functions.

Specify your request
  • Specify the purpose: Explain the purpose of the formula or function you want to create. Provide context about the data or calculations you're working with.

  • Share relevant information: If applicable, provide any relevant data or examples that are necessary for understanding the problem or task at hand. This can help ChatGPT provide more accurate and tailored assistance.

  • Ask for the specific formula or function: Clearly state the type of formula or function you would like ChatGPT to help you with. For example, you could ask for a formula to calculate average, sum, count, or perform a specific mathematical operation.

  • Provide details: If needed, provide additional details about the specific requirements or constraints for the formula or function you're looking for. This can help ChatGPT provide a more precise solution.

Explain every detail to ChatGPT

How to Use Chat GPT with Excel VBA And Macros

To use Chat GPT with Excel VBA and macros, you can follow these steps:

  • Set up the OpenAI API: First, you need to sign up and obtain an API key from OpenAI. This key allows you to interact with the Chat GPT model. Follow the instructions provided by OpenAI to get your API key.

  • Add a reference to Microsoft WinHTTP Services: In the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) of Excel, go to "Tools" > "References" and check the box for "Microsoft WinHTTP Services." This reference will enable you to make HTTP requests to the OpenAI API.

  • Create a VBA function to send requests to the Chat GPT API: In a VBA module, write a function that sends a request to the Chat GPT API using the WinHTTP object. Here's an example function:

Develop a VBA function for sending requests to the Chat GPT API.

Make sure to replace "YOUR_API_KEY" with the actual API key you obtained from OpenAI.

  • Use the Chat GPT function in your Excel workbook: You can now call the SendGPTRequest function from your macros or worksheet formulas to get responses from the Chat GPT model. Here's an example of how you can use it in a macro:

Incorporate the Chat GPT function into your Excel

This macro prompts the user to enter a message, sends it to the Chat GPT API, and displays the response in a message box.

That's it! You now have a way to use Chat GPT with Excel VBA and macros. You can customize the VBA code to fit your specific needs, such as parsing the response or integrating it with other Excel functionalities. Remember to handle errors and implement error-checking mechanisms to ensure smooth operation.

Tips on Using ChatGPT for Excel

The following advice is for utilizing ChatGPT for Excel:

  • Become familiar with the fundamentals. Make sure you have a solid knowledge of Excel's fundamental operations and formulae before utilizing ChatGPT for Excel. You may ask inquiries that are more focused and targeted as a result.

  • Ask questions that are clear and precise. When communicating with ChatGPT, be sure to be clear and precise about the issue or task you are trying to solve. Clearly define the intended result or what you want Excel to do for you.

  • Provide relevant context. Give background information about the spreadsheet or data you are using. Sharing your data's organizational structure, the computations or analyses you wish to do, and any particular difficulties you're having are all part of this.

  • Break down complex problems. If you are faced with a challenging Excel challenge, think about dividing it up into smaller, more manageable subtasks. This will make it simpler for ChatGPT to comprehend and provide detailed instructions.

  • Use examples and sample data. Whenever discussing an individual Excel issue, provide examples and sample data to help demonstrate the problem. This will make it easier for ChatGPT to comprehend the situation and provide more accurate advice.

  • Verify and validate responses. While ChatGPT might provide advice, be sure you carefully evaluate the solutions and recommendations it offers. Verifying the data and making sure it complies with your particular needs are crucial.

  • Experiment and iterate. ChatGPT can provide a number of Excel problem-solving strategies. Don't be afraid to experiment with alternative ideas and methods. You may identify the most effective solution with the aid of this iterative procedure.

  • Learn from the interactions. Pay close attention to ChatGPT's comments and justifications. This might assist you in comprehending Excel topics better and enhancing your Excel abilities over time.

  • Supplement with external resources. External resources should be used in addition to ChatGPT, even if they may provide helpful support. To get a thorough grasp of the subject, use it as a supplement to other Excel resources like online courses, forums, and official documentation.

  • Provide feedback. Please provide feedback if you found ChatGPT's comments useful or if you want further explanation. This boosts the model's functionality and offers insightful information for potential future improvements.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT is a language model and not a professional person. Even though it may provide advice and recommendations, it's always a good idea to check and test its ideas in your particular Excel setting.

Advantages of Using ChatGPT for Excel

There are various benefits of using ChatGPT for Excel that may improve your productivity and data analysis skills:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks. Automating repetitive activities in Excel is possible using ChatGPT, including automating computations and data preparation. By automating the process, time is saved and the possibility of human mistakes is reduced.

  • Enhanced data analysis. By assisting you in finding patterns, trends, and correlations in big datasets, ChatGPT can aid with data analysis in Excel. You can make data-driven choices more quickly and effectively with the help of this feature.

  • Streamlined formula and data manipulation. By integrating ChatGPT with Excel, you can easily create replies and change them there. Working with formulae and data is simplified as a result, saving you time and lowering the possibility of mistakes.

  • Simplified the creation of complex formulas. ChatGPT can help with Excel's difficult formula generation, making it simpler for users to deal with complex computations and data processing. Data processing is made more effective and precise because of this simplicity.

  • Error identification and correction. ChatGPT can assist you in locating mistakes in your Excel spreadsheets, allowing you to make the necessary corrections right now. You may reduce the chance of mistakes and make sure your data and computations are accurate by using its guidance.

  • Learning opportunities. Interacting with ChatGPT offers an excellent learning opportunity. Asking it to clarify Excel topics, formulae, or strategies can help you learn more about the program and develop your Excel proficiency.

  • Data analysis support. ChatGPT can help you with a variety of data analysis activities, including writing reports, forecasting, and helping with research. You may use its insights and support for thorough data analysis thanks to its features.

You may take use of ChatGPT in Excel's automation, analytical strength, and assistance to improve productivity, lower mistake rates, and open up new opportunities for data analysis and manipulation.

Best Excel AI Tools

1. Microsoft Copilot

Basic Information

When dealing with mathematics, data analysis, and other Excel chores, Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered tool built into Excel, offers sage advice and ideas. In order to provide context-aware recommendations based on the user's input and habits, it uses machine learning.


  • Context-aware recommendations: Microsoft Copilot makes suggestions that are accurate and relevant given the context and work at hand.

  • Speeds up work: The tool helps automate repetitive tasks and speeds up the process of working with Excel formulas and data.

  • Enhanced accuracy: Copilot may assist in lowering calculation and formula mistakes by using AI.

  • Integrated knowledge: Copilot effortlessly melds into the Excel environment as a built-in function.


  • Exclusive to Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Copilot is only accessible in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program and may not be included in other spreadsheet programs.

2. Excel Formula Bot

Basic Information

An AI-powered application called Excel Formula Bot is intended to help users with Excel formulae and operations. Users may ask queries and get automatic replies with pertinent formulae and explanations using a conversational interface.


  • Formula assistance: The bot assists users with finding and understanding the appropriate formulae for their unique requirements.

  • Interactive dialogue: Users may ask questions and get prompt answers thanks to the conversational interface, which makes it simple to learn and debug.

  • Large-scale formula library: The utility gives users access to an extensive library of Excel formulae that span a variety of functionality.


  • Limited to formula assistance: Excel Formula Bot focuses primarily on formula assistance and may not provide support for other Excel tasks or data analysis.

3. WPS Excel AI

Basic Information

Kingsoft Office's WPS Excel AI is an AI-based assistant that offers intelligent capabilities for a variety of office settings, including Excel. It provides tools for text processing, knowledge analysis, content creation, and conversational interaction.


  • Versatile office assistant: WPS Excel AI supports a variety of office programs, including editing documents, processing forms, and making presentations.

  • Text production and translation: The tool excels at activities involving text, including content creation, summary generation, and language translation.

  • Rich knowledge base: To provide users with information and guidance, WPS Excel AI offers an extensive knowledge base and Q&A library.

  • Constant improvement: The tool has the ability to improve its features and services depending on user requirements and use trends.


  • Information gaps: The documentation doesn't go into great detail about the restrictions or particular drawbacks of WPS Excel AI.

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.


Why is the formula from ChatGPT not working?

There might be a number of reasons why the ChatGPT formula is not functioning. Incorrect cell references, concealed characters or spaces, circular references, missing add-ins or functions, version compatibility problems, context-specific concerns, and syntax mistakes are a few possible reasons. To guarantee accuracy and correct any mistakes, it is essential to evaluate the formula for these parameters and confirm it against your particular Excel setting.

Is there a way to use AI for formulas within Excel?

Yes, there are methods to use AI with Excel formulae. Tools and plugins that use artificial intelligence (AI) to create and improve formulae include Microsoft Copilot, Excel Formula Bot, and WPS Excel AI. These tools may propose formulas, provide explanations, and automate repetitive processes by using machine learning and natural language processing. Users may speed up working with formulae, increase accuracy, and increase productivity in Excel by using AI. This artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make formula-related activities more effective and accessible for Excel users of all skill levels.

Can you use Bing Chat to write Excel formulas?

Excel formula creation is also possible with other AI technologies like Bing Chat and Google Bard. The diverse AI tools Bing Chat and Google Bard can help with a variety of tasks.

Summary Of Using ChatGPT for Excel

In recent years, users have explored novel applications of ChatGPT, including its integration with Microsoft Excel. This article explores the benefits and possibilities of using ChatGPT for Excel, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity in spreadsheet work.

The article discusses how to use ChatGPT for Excel as well as the advantages of using AI tools in Excel, particularly WPS Excel AI. WPS Excel AI offers conversational interaction, strong text production, multi-language support, an extensive knowledge base, and ongoing improvement. It is intended to increase office productivity, save expenses, and satisfy the various requirements of various businesses and sectors.

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