ChatGPT-5 Is Coming: Everything You Need to Know [2024 Update]

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It hasn't even been a full year for ChatGPT, yet its 5th iteration is already being explored. ChatGPT 5 will be a state-of-the-art language model designed to emulate human-like communication, making waves in the tech industry with its ability to understand intent and fulfill user needs. This next iteration, GPT-5, promises to revolutionize natural language processing, offering enhanced problem-solving abilities and broader general knowledge. In this article, we will explore all there is to know about what's coming for ChatGPT 5.

ChatGPT-5 Is Coming

What Is ChatGPT-5?

ChatGPT 5, OpenAI's upcoming iteration, promises to revolutionize human-machine interaction with its state-of-the-art language model. It has enhanced comprehension and problem-solving abilities, it aims to blur the lines between communicating with a person and a machine. As the fifth evolution of the GPT series, it signifies a significant leap forward in natural language processing technology. With broader general knowledge and improved text generation capabilities, ChatGPT 5 is poised to streamline language-based tasks and elevate user experiences.

Evolution of ChatGPT Series

The ChatGPT series has evolved significantly:

  • ChatGPT 3.5: Released in December 2022, it offered human-like responses and the ability to recognize images and speech.

  • ChatGPT 4: Launched in March 2023, it introduced more powerful features like chatting with images and recordings, creating images, and building custom chatbots.

  • ChatGPT 5: The ChatGPT 5 release date is not yet confirmed, however it promises enhanced personalization, reduced errors, and the ability to handle various content types, including potentially video.

Capabilities of ChatGPT-5

  • Improved Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Better comprehension for accurate responses.

ChatGPT Natural Language Understanding

  • Contextual Conversation Capabilities: Engages in meaningful interactions by remembering prior context.

  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Responds accurately to human emotions, enhancing user experiences.

  • Real-time Collaboration Features: Enables enhanced problem-solving through collective wisdom.

  • Comprehensive Multimodality: Processes and generates various content types, expanding application possibilities.

Possible Release Date and Pricing

  • Release Date: Expected in the coming months, potentially in summer 2024.

  • Pricing: ChatGPT 5 pricing will offer plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Previous versions like ChatGPT Plus were priced at $20 per month for individuals and $25 per user per month for teams, with additional features for enterprises.

OpenAI ChatGPT 5

Will ChatGPT-5 Be The Next Generation of Conversational AI?

We are all familiar with Chat GPT's advanced AI capabilities, offering numerous benefits and challenges. As businesses increasingly turn to AI-powered chatbots for customer support and automation, understanding the advantages and limitations of platforms like Chat GPT becomes crucial. To gain a comprehensive understanding of its impact on various business operations and customer interactions these are the benefits and limitations of using ChatGPT-5.


  • 24/7 Availability: Chat GPT provides round-the-clock customer support, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and enhancing user experience.

  • Efficiency: It automates repetitive tasks like answering FAQs, reducing workload and minimizing human error.

  • Scalability: Chat GPT can handle multiple queries simultaneously, making it suitable for businesses with varying workloads.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: By reducing the need for additional staff, Chat GPT leads to significant cost savings.

  • Multilingual Support: It communicates in multiple languages, expanding its reach to a global audience.


  • Lack of Emotional Intelligence: Chat GPT struggles with emotional understanding, making it less effective in complex or emotionally charged situations.

  • Inaccuracy: It may provide incorrect information, especially when dealing with ambiguous or unfamiliar queries.

  • Over-Reliance: Excessive dependence on Chat GPT can reduce human interaction, affecting relationships and customer satisfaction.

  • Privacy Concerns: Handling sensitive data raises privacy and security concerns, necessitating robust data protection measures.

  • Initial Setup Complexity: Implementing Chat GPT involves significant setup and training, which can be time-consuming and costly.

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How to Use WPS AI to Generate Content in WPS Office

WPS AI can be used in numerous ways, and given the current AI craze for generating content, WPS AI not only assists in generating content but also enables users to format and edit it to make it fully prepared for sharing with others. Let's see how we can utilize WPS AI to generate content ideas for our work.

Step 1: Let's open WPS Office on our system and then click on the "New" button in the left side panel.

WPS Office interface

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Create a new blank document on WPS Office

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WPS Writer activate WPS AI

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WPS Writer brainstorm new content ideas using WPS AI

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Step 6: Users can also choose to click on "Continue" if they need more ideas, or if they don't like the ideas, they can click on "Reject".

Accept, Reject, or Continue writing with WPS AI

Step 7: Not sure about the ideas? Click on WPS AI at the top right corner to open the AI assistant.

Activate WPS AI chatbot

Step 8: A chat box will appear on the right side of the screen. Now, you can simply ask WPS AI if you have any queries by typing up your questions.

WPS AI chatbot

Step 9: Think your work is ready? This is where WPS Office is helpful, as users can simply save their work by clicking on the "Menu” button at the top left corner.

Step 10: To save the file, click on "Save as" to save the file in different formats such as .DOC, .PDF, and plenty of other options.

WPS Office save work

WPS AI is extremely helpful because the office suite is where we work most of the time, and an integrated AI assistant that can help us get the work done is extremely convenient. Plus, the price bracket for the AI services is very budget-friendly considering that other companies are charging a premium for their AI services.


1. What is the difference between ChatGPT-3.5 and 4?

The main differences between ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 lie in their capabilities and pricing:


  • ChatGPT-3.5 offers capabilities such as natural language comprehension, translation, question answering, summary generation, and content generation for various tasks. It includes two model variants: gpt-3.5-turbo-0125 and gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct.

  • ChatGPT-4 expands on these capabilities with features like multimodality, larger context windows, broader general knowledge, and enhanced safety and alignment features. It is designed to handle more complex tasks and provide more accurate responses.


  • ChatGPT-3.5 is available for free in the basic version of ChatGPT, with additional costs associated with using the GPT-3.5 Turbo API, depending on the model variant and usage.

  • ChatGPT-4 is available under different pricing tiers: ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month per person), ChatGPT Team ($25 per person per month), and ChatGPT Enterprise (pricing available upon contacting OpenAI's sales team). The GPT-4 API has its pricing structure based on input and output tokens.

2. How to Use ChatGPT for free?

The free version of ChatGPT 3.5 can be used by following these steps:

Step 1: Open your preferred browser and navigate to the ChatGPT website.

Step 2: New users will need to sign up using their email account. To do this, simply click on "Sign up".

Sign up for ChatGPT

Step 3: Enter your email credentials and complete the sign-up process.

Sign in using your email account

Step 4: Once done, ChatGPT 3.5 is ready to be used on your browser.

ChatGPT 3.5

3. What can we anticipate from ChatGPT 5?

With ChatGPT-5, significant updates are anticipated in its speech, image, and eventually video capabilities. This information was disclosed by Sam Altman during a recent conversation between the CEOs of Microsoft and OpenAI.

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