Everything You Need to Know about Converting PDF to TIFF

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

We are already familiar with the pdf files, but what about the tif files? Which type of files are these, and why do we need them? Why do we need to convert pdf files to tif? Which software can we use to convert tiff files to pdf? We will discuss all this in this short article. Keep reading!

What is the tif image file format?

Tif or Tiff is an image file with high resolution and high-quality graphics. It is compatible with both lossless images and lossy jpeg compressions. It also supports vector graphics. Tif file format is the frequently used image editing application for obtaining better quality images. So, it will be the most famous file format among photographers, graphic artists, and search articles in 2022. Because the images are high quality and sharp, it is used to store raster graphics. It fully supports scanning documents, faxing, desktop publishing and processing them in Word or pdf form. No data is lost during the compression of tiff files.  

You can easily open tif files on windows 7, 8, and 10 and mac. You can convert any image type into the tiff form by selecting the save as tiff while saving any image. 

How to convert pdf files to tiff?

You can use much software online or offline if you want to convert your pdf files to tif to obtain high-quality images. Most of the tools offer free pdf to tiff conversion on windows. One of the best free tools for offline pdf to tiff conversion is the WPS office. 

Convert pdf to tiff by WPS office

1-Open your pdf file in the WPs office and move to the menu option. Move down and go to the export pdf option, then click the picture. If you have not installed the WPS office, you can download it online and install it. It will just take 5 minutes to download and install it. 

2-Select no watermark. And choose the all option if you want to convert all pages into the tiff file. And select the range if you want to select only some pages. Then select the file type as tif. And then click export. You can also select the quality of your files. 


3.You can also convert your pdf file to tiff by clicking the tool option in the menu bar and the export pdf to picture. The remaining steps are the same as we have done before. 


Note: The watermark removing option is only available in the paid version. 

Download WPS office:

WPS pdf tool has made it easy for us to convert our pdf files to tiff files with just some clicks. The primary perk is it's available for free and offline. So, whether you have an internet connection, you can convert your pdf file to tiff, jpeg, jpg, BMP and png. It's a very pocket-friendly tool with user-friendly interphase. No, the pdf to tiff conversion or photo conversion is just 3 to 4 clicks away from the users. Download the WPS office and enjoy!

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