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Wish to create a disaster recovery plan for your firm? You must be looking for a perfect free Disaster Recovery Plan Template for your disaster recovery strategy document, and you'll find the right ones here!


The quantity of data and information technology infrastructure exposed to catastrophes seems to grow as firms depend increasingly on technology and electronic data for day-to-day operations. Every year, calamities, unpreparedness, and lost productivity cause organizations to lose money and incur expenditures. That is where a catastrophe recovery strategy comes into play. A disaster recovery plan specifies the procedures that must be followed in the case of a disruptive event, such as a cyber-attack, natural catastrophe, or power loss.

Since creating a disaster recovery plan from scratch is more difficult and time intensive, several templates are available for constructing a disaster recovery plan. However, if you're unaware of the best free Disaster Recovery Plan Template for disaster recovery strategy document, we've got you covered. In this article, you'll discover the disaster recovery plan template and the finest templates available for disaster recovery plans. Let's get started!

What Is Disaster Recovery Plan Template in Word?

A disaster recovery plan, often known as a DRP, is a written process or method designed to restore mission-critical information technology systems and services if an unforeseen event disrupts them. The purpose of a DRP Word Template is to safeguard a company's reputation and lessen the negative effects a catastrophe might have on the day-to-day operations of a firm.

A disaster recovery plan Word template is an important planning document that businesses of any size should use. Having a disaster recovery plan in place before your firm encounters a catastrophic event, such as a power loss, data breach, or pandemic, may assist reduce the amount of disruption caused to day-to-day business operations. The Catastrophe Recovery Plan (DRP) Word template will outline the particular actions your firm will follow in the case of a disaster. These steps will include how to communicate with workers and customers, how to recover data and systems, and how to ensure business continuity.

Why Do You Need a Free Disaster Recovery Plan Template in Word?

The world is volatile, and calamity might strike at any moment. You purchase insurance to safeguard your company financially against losses, but insurance cannot replace vital data and the critical applications that keep your company running. And since writing a whole new DRP from scratch can result in you missing out on some essential components, you need a DRP Word template due to the following reasons:

· Hardware Damage Costs

If your hardware breaks due to a power surge or another reason, it may take all your data. While you may secure your gear with cooling systems, power surge protectors, and other technologies, it is critical to back up your data regularly because it is rare that both sites would be hit simultaneously; cloud-based or off-site storage may provide additional safeguards.

Unplanned efforts to retrieve deleted data might be very costly. Downtime costs between $10,000 and $5,000 per hour. It is much costlier to demand a speedy recovery. So having all of the hardware costs already calculated in a well-written DRP template can help your firm get through this.

· Employee Errors

Nobody is flawless, including you and your staff. Forgetting to save changes, losing a crucial document by mistake, or switching the incorrect switch might result in a major loss for your firm. Training programs help reduce errors, but the only method for keeping your business safe from data loss caused by human error is to back up data regularly.

However, if you don't have a backup, you require a perfect plan to get it back to the system. And it requires a perfect DRP template because data recovery can take time, resulting in significant revenue loss. So you must have everything planned out.

· To Keep the Clients Happy

Finally, you will need a disaster recovery plan to provide your clients with the service they have come to expect from you. You may lose key clients to a competition if your company closes or has a protracted service outage. Your clientele will be delighted if you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

And, since catastrophes cause a lot of uproar both within and outside the firm, you need a great plan established on a DRP template to keep your customers and employees occupied while you get your company back on its feet.

· Restore Your Status

Customers dissatisfied with their experiences will quickly tell others about their complaints. Because of social media just takes a few seconds for others to hear about a negative encounter and spread the news. A tarnished image may have a detrimental influence on the capacity to acquire new consumers and how an organization's current customers feel about the company.

Investing in a disaster recovery strategy will lower the likelihood of your brand gaining a negative reputation. And as was said before, it is rather dangerous to go ahead and develop a disaster recovery plan on your own; for the work, you want a DRP Word template that is completely prepared.

· Protect Your Firm

When you've invested time and resources into building a company, it only makes sense to safeguard that investment. It's nearly the same as operating a vehicle without proper insurance. If anything unfavorable occurs, having a disaster recovery plan in place is comparable to having company insurance; it provides peace of mind.

On average, 96% of organizations with business continuity and disaster recovery plan can completely recover and get back on track to continuing and successful operations. This statistic is based on the number of businesses that have such plans. You will, however, require impeccable business continuity and disaster recovery plan template to ensure that none of the key components are overlooked.

Essential Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan Template Word

Creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan is one method your company may prepare for and avoid calamities (DRP). Organizations should have a disaster recovery strategy capable of addressing any catastrophe. The only way a plan can be simple to follow and comprehend and tailored to the organization's specific demands is by using a great and well-prepared disaster recovery plan template. The essential components that a simple disaster recovery plan template are:

1. Objective of Your Plan

The objective of your disaster recovery plan must include the following two components:

· Recovery Time Objective: the longest period that your company may remain functional after experiencing a disruption in the event of a catastrophe.

· Recovery Point Objective: The maximum number of records an organization can afford to lose.

2. Assemble a DRP Team

The DRP's creation, implementation, and ongoing maintenance will all fall within the team's purview. The team members should be listed, their roles should be outlined, and each member's contact information should be included in the DRP. In the case of a crisis or tragedy, the DRP should also specify who should be called to get information. In the event of a catastrophe, each employee should be aware of the DRP and have a solid grasp on the responsibilities that fall within their purview.

3. Determine the Risks During Disasters

The hazards your firm faces should be identified and evaluated by your disaster recovery team. The following should be included in this step: material relating to natural catastrophes, situations caused by man, and occurrences linked to technology. This will provide the group with assistance in determining the recovery methods and resources necessary to recover from catastrophes within a period that has been specified and is acceptable.

4. Analyze the Key Aspects of Your Business

The organization must analyze its business processes to decide which ones are essential to the functioning of the company. The strategy should emphasize the organization's ability to survive in the near term, such as through producing cash flows and revenues, instead of focusing on a long-term solution that would restore the organization's full capability to operate.

Nevertheless, the company must acknowledge that some procedures should not be slowed down in any way if feasible. The processing of payroll is an example of a procedure that is considered to be very important.

5. Create a Backup Plan and Procedure

These procedures should specify what should be backed up, who should do the backup, how the backup should be performed, where the backup should be stored, and how often backups should take place. A backup should be created for every important program, piece of equipment, and document.

A current list of workers, along with their contact information, inventory records, client and vendor lists, and the most recent financial statements and tax returns, are some of the documents you should consider storing up. A copy of the DRP and other essential materials, including checks and purchase orders, should be kept in a secure off-site location, as should critical supplies that are necessary for daily operations.

6. Test and Review Your DRP Template

Due to the ever-shifting nature of the dangers posed by natural disasters and manufactured events, disaster recovery planning is an ongoing activity. It is advised that the company do regular tests on the DRP template to review the processes outlined in the plan to determine whether or not they are successful and suitable. The recovery team should periodically update the Disaster Recovery Plan to account for changes in business operations, technological advancements, and new hazards.

[Recommendation] Top 5 Disaster Recovery Plan Word Templates You Can Use— Try WPS Templates!

If you don't wish to write a DRP template from scratch, you must wish to know where to find the best free disaster recovery plan template, and we've something for you!

WPS is an office suite that allows you to create easily, edit, and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to your clients and team members. Moreover, WPS comes with 100,000+ free templates that you can use for different purposes. The best five disaster recovery word templates offered by WPS are:

1. Simply Weekly Plan

For businesses looking to create weekly plans to get through disasters, this Simply Weekly Plan template is the best bet. It lets you write the daily tasks you want your employees to complete during the disasters, along with the checkboxes to measure your progress.

2. Simple Sales Plan

For companies looking for a template to define their sales goal during the disaster to get them back, this Simple Sales Plan template is the best option. It lets you add a sales goal and the timespan in which you need to achieve that sales goal. You can also list the resources and targeted audience to which you wish to sell your goods.

3. Weekly Work Plan

It is a weekly plan for companies to recover during disasters. This Weekly Work Plan template offered by WPS lets you list down the task your team has to complete to get through the disasters. You can also provide a summary or review of the last week's work in this template. Moreover, it is a customizable template you can edit according to your needs.

4. Free Agenda Plan

The Free Agenda Template is the best choice for businesses with many investors to show them their disaster recovery plan. You can add the key aspects of your business that you will focus on during disasters. It lets you add your disaster recovery team and what resources they will get to put your business back to its original place.

5. Blue & White Work Plan

With this WPS's Blue & White Work Plan template, you can develop a detailed disaster recovery plan for your business. You can add the problems you're facing during the disaster and the plans you want your team to implement.


Every business faces disasters with time, regardless of its type and scale. And the best way to get through them is to have a disaster recovery plan. Since developing a plan from scratch is difficult, you need a DRP template. And we hope that you've found the best free Disaster Recovery Plan Template for disaster recovery strategy document after reading this article.

Downlaod and try WPS to find the DRP templates because of their customization benefit. Moreover, you can add the objective of your plan and what you expect your team to do in the designated space.

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