Free Download Microsoft 2016 Office for Document Editing

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

Microsoft Office is the world's most used top-tier document creation and editing tool. Whether you are a windows pc user or a Mac user, 90% of the world population is adapted to using Microsoft for word processing, which has become essential for anyone with a pc or a mobile.

An upgrade for downloading Microsoft 2016 office 64-Bit Edition has been made available by Microsoft. This version also includes upgrades on performance and stability.

  • Click the Download button, choose a different language from the Change Language menu, and click Change to begin the download.
  • To launch the installation right now, click and Run the programme
  • Click Save to store the download on your computer for later installation.


It's best to legally and directly download the installation files for Microsoft 2021, 2019, or 2016 if you have a product key for those software versions but don't have the applications.

You may download the mobile apps of Microsoft 2016 to create, communicate, and share wherever you are to be incredibly productive.

The intelligent help capabilities in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to produce reports, essays, and class presentations are of the highest caliber. Remember that an Office edition purchased once can only be installed once.

With 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, you can store up to 500,000 photographs and other files. (*Assumes 2 MB file size.) this storage comes free with the subscriptions of the product keys and packages.

We'll show you the different methods you may use to download Microsoft 2021, 2019 or 2016, regardless of whether Microsoft Office was already included with your machine purchase or you simply want a copy of the files.


Downloading Microsoft 2022: Pricing, New And Old Versions, And Features

Downloading Microsoft 2016 costs $149 for the Office Home & Student, $229 for the Office Home and Business, and $399 for the Office Professional as a one-time purchase for Windows PCs or Macs.

If you download the Microsoft 2016 version, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook are included in Office Home & Business. The Professional version includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

When downloading the subscription, the fee you pay will generate a product key to activate the applications when you the app. It is done to protect your application and the product from being illegitimate.

Microsoft 2022 is the latest product version you can download, but older versions such as Microsoft 2016, 2019, and 2021 are still in use.

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Comparison Of Downloading Microsoft 2016 With WPS Office Tool

Last but not least, you can hunt for Microsoft Office 2022 substitutes, like WPS Office. Free office suite WPS Office comes with Word, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and a PDF Editor. WPS Office also works with Microsoft Office file formats. The document could be opened in WPS Office if sent to you in Microsoft Office format.

Consider the WPS office tools as the cheaper copy of the Microsoft office package. You can achieve anything you can do in Microsoft office with WPS office too. But for a much lower price.

WPS Office or Microsoft Office Professional 2016: Which is superior?

You should consider features, costs, and other crucial details about the product and vendor while selecting the ideal office software for your business. In this section, you may compare and contrast WPS Office (overall score of 9.0 and 100% user satisfaction) with Microsoft Office Professional 2016 (overall score of 9.8 and 99% user satisfaction).

You can also examine their particular information, such as their tools, plans, prices, terms, etc. Analyze the terms carefully to discover additional expenses, such as installation, independent customer service, upgrades, cloud storage, etc.

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