Free photo editing software like photoshop for 2022

July 31, 2023 5.0K views

As technology rapidly grows, the need for various applications and software rises as well. One of the common issues an individual encounter is where to find free photo editing software. A free photo editing software that one can use for both professional and personal purposes.

In this article, we will unravel the different photo editing software free download that is perfect for your needs.

1. WPS Office Software

WPS Office is an office suite compatible with various devices such as windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and many more. WPS is composed of three primary components namely, WPS writer, presentation, and spreadsheet. Allowing its users to conveniently edit and create various documents anywhere they go.

Another promising function of WPS Office Software is also a free photo editing software for windows 10 and macOS.

How to use WPS software

WPS has various functions to choose from. It can assist you from document creation to editing. The photos that you would like to include in your document can also be edited within the software. You can easily navigate WPS Office through these simple steps.

Open the application

Once you're done downloading WPS Office, you can start your document editing and creating journey by opening the software. Upon opening the software, you’ll find the icons of its different functions.

Choose which function to use

Once you open the application, you can choose what type of project or document will you be working on by clicking on its icons, like spreadsheet, writer, or presentation.

Edit your document or photo

After choosing the type of document that you will create or edit. You can start working on your document. Once you are in your workspace all you must do is be creative and let your thoughts flow.

Benefits of WPS software

· WPS Office is an all-in-one software. Allowing you to use multiple functions in one application. 

· Reading is much easier with WPS Office since it has a reading feature with a layout view that allows users to scroll through their documents easier. Users can also use the flip mode giving the users a sense of flipping a book page as they read through an article. 

· Small-sized software. It helps you save storage space and be as productive as you can be. Given that this software is all-in-one software, it doesn't require high device specifications for it to work smoothly. 

· Allows you to convert your important files into PDF more efficiently.

· WPS uses a simple interface enabling its users to easily navigate through the software. Allowing them to see the various functions the software has to offer. From document type options to bullet and numbering formats within a document.

Disadvantages of WPS software

Given that WPS Office is a great software to manage your documents and edit photos. It also possesses a few disadvantages that might affect your performance in creating a document. Here are some of the disadvantages of WPS software:

· No grammar correction function

· Documents are not entirely secured

· The software might automatically update causing its file size to suddenly increase.

· Some of the PDF editing tools are not available.

2. Luminar

Luminar is a free photo editing software for pc that uses cutting-edge AI technology. This AI technology will edit your photos automatically. Aside from the fundamental tools seen in photo editing software. Luminar has advanced AI-powered tools such as AI Structure, AI Skin, Portrait Enhancer, Sky Replacement, Sunrays, Accent AI, and Smart Contrast.

How to use Luminar

Just like any other software, Luminar must be installed first on your device. Once Luminar is completely installed. You can start setting it up to proceed with your editing journey. Here are some simple steps you can follow when editing using Luminar.

· Open the software.

· Choose a photo by opening an image file.

· Go to the edit panel of Luminar.

· Start editing your image according to your liking.

Benefits of Luminar

Luminar offers various benefits to its users, whether a trial or subscription users. Some of its benefits include:

· Easy to use interface. Allowing users to create beautiful photos.

· Impressive AI tools for photo editing.

· Cost-effective

Disadvantages of Luminar

Just like any other editing software, Luminar is no stranger to having cons. Some of the functions that Luminar should enhance are:

· Its DAM features happen to be limited.

· Furthermore, fix software bugs. Since the software happens to be laggy.

3. Gimp

Gimp is a free photo editing software mac and windows. It has various features that will allow users to create exquisite images. It has the functionality of Photoshop but with a lot of different tools used for various needs.

How to use Gimp

Gimp is perfect for beginners in photo editing. Allowing them to explore and experiment through the various tools in the software. Using gimp is as simple as using other applications. 

You can follow these simple steps in using Gimp as your photo editing software.

· Open the application.

· Choose an image to edit.

· Go through the tools and look for the tool that you’ll use.

· Finalize your work.

· Save your edited image.

Benefits of Gimp

As a free photo editing software for windows 10, Gimp provides wonderful benefits to its users. Letting them have an amazing editing experience. Some of the benefits Gimp has to offer are:

· Very intuitive interface.

· Has a relatively small learning curve allowing users to easily pick up how to use the software.

· Various image formats are allowed in the software.

· Cost-efficient

· Has many tools that can enhance and further improve a photo.

Disadvantages of Gimp

There’s no doubt that Gimp has various benefits for its users. However, it still has a few points to improve. Here are some of them:

· Gimp can't handle images that are not 8bit RGB.

· Contains limited third-party plugins.

· It may malfunction if you're editing big images with lots of layers.

4. Photolemur

Photolemur is one of the known free photo editing software for pc. It is perfect for amateurs, beginners, and even those who don't have enough time for long hours of editing. Photolemur uses AI algorithms to analyze photos and applies complex adjustments to them. Make your images look like a professional work on them.

How to use Photolemur

Using Photolemur can be as easy as opening other editing software on your device. All you have to do is install the software on your device. Once done installing, you can simply open it. Then, open the image that you would like to manipulate. After you have successfully chosen the image, you can go through the tools available in Photolemur to enhance your photo according to your liking.

Benefits of Photolemur

Photolemur is an amazing tool perfect for beginners and amateurs. Some of the advantages it can provide to its users are

· Simple interface

· Can support various formats

· Reliable AI editor

· Multiple photos can be selected

Disadvantages of Photolemur

Even though Photolemur is an amazing tool, it is not free from disadvantages. Some of these so-called disadvantages include

· Slow upload for high-resolution and raw image files.

· No image organization tools.

· No detailed corrections.

5. LightZone

LightZone is a free and open-source image editor designed to work with RAW image files. Which offers a non-destructive way of photo editing. One of its distinct features is that it doesn't apply the changes to the actual file of the image. Instead, it replicates the image and then implements the changes to the copy file.

How to use LightZone

LightZone provides great assistance to its users in image editing. To use this software, you must install it on your device. After the installation, you can open the image and click on the “File” ribbon located at the upper left corner of your screen then choose “Open”. Once you opened an image file in your workspace, you can proceed with the editing of the image.

Benefits of LightZone

LightZone provides quick and efficient editing to its users. Aside from that, it also provides the following benefits:

· Non-destructive work and output.

· Photo organization feature.

· Raw file support

· Intuitive user interface

Disadvantages of LightZone

LightZone undoubtedly provides wonderful benefits to its users. However, LightZone is more focused on being a photo editing software alone. It doesn’t provide any work managing features that will help you easily navigate through your outputs.

6. Paint.NET

Paint.NET, if you tried using the paint application in your windows. You might find this software like that. The only difference is that it has different tools that will make your images look more professional looking.

How to use Paint.NET

Just like any other software, you’ll have to install the software first on your device and set it up. Once done, you can start choosing the images that you will be editing and have fun experimenting with your images.

Benefits of Paint.NET

Paint.NET can be an amazing tool when retouching your images. It also includes the following benefits:

· Multiple plugins

· Clear and well-ordered user interface.

· Online consultations on how to use the software.

· Allows you to use different formats for saving images after editing them.

Disadvantages of Paint.NET

Given the amazing benefits, Paint.NET can provide. It has its fair share of cons including:

· Limited brushwork

· No text correction after applying other effects to your image.

· Lacks other editing tools that you might need such as burn and dodge.

7. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is perfect for High Dynamic Range photography just like the name suggests. It has over 20 core tools that you can use for furthermore improving your image. Aurora HDR can also automatically recognize and fix flaws in your images.

How to use Aurora HDR

If you decided to try our Aurora HDR. You’ll have to install its software into your device. Once done installing, you can proceed with photo selecting and enjoy experimenting with your images.

Benefits of Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR can automatically align and merge multiple exposures through Artificial Intelligence. It also includes the following pros.

· Flawless HDR photos

· Amazing AI features

· Intuitive interface

· Other additional photo editing features

Disadvantages of Aurora HDR

Given that Aurora HDR provides great assistance to photo editing, you will also find other disadvantages with this software. This includes:

· Advanced selection of tools is limited.

· Opening an image in Aurora HDR can also take a long time.

8. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a free photo editing tool that has a simple user-friendly interface with high functionality. It is composed of various comprehensive tools that will make your editing journey a lot easier.

How to use Photo Pos Pro

To use Photo Pos Pro, you'll have to install the software from their website and then set it up on your device. Once done setting up. Find the photo that you would like to edit out. After choosing a photo, you can now select different tools from the tools menu of the software and have fun experimenting on your workspace.

Benefits of Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is without a doubt one of the best free photo editing software you can try. It also has the following benefits:

· Customizable interface

· Editable layers

· Start a project from scratch

· Online tutorials

· Supports various file formats.

Disadvantages of Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is not a stranger to having room for improvement. Some of the disadvantages you might encounter with this software are:

· Bugs

· Some tools need improvement

· Slow work progress with complex image manipulations.

9. PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is known for being an all-in-one photo editing software. It enables users to improve photos using a range of intuitive tools. PhotoScape X can be a great option for beginners in photo editing.

How to use PhotoScape X

You can install the PhotoScape X software through their website. Once the installation is complete, you can open the application and choose a photo to manipulate. When you already decided on which photo you will edit, the workspace is yours, and let your creativity flow!

Benefits of PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X has various benefits to provide to its users. These benefits will surely make your photos look livelier. Some of the benefits of PhotoScape X are:

· Optimization

· Supports various file formats

· Allow users to screen capture

· Perfect for batch editing

Disadvantages of PhotoScape X

Since PhotoScape X is an all-in-one editing software, it also runs into difficulties and has disadvantages on its own. Some of these disadvantages include:

· Bugs and lagging

· Quality downgrade

· Weak export parameters

10. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free online photo editing application. It allows users to enhance and manipulate photos online. It is a cloud-based set of image editing tools intended to showcase the creativity of its users.

How to use Pixlr

Pixlr is a web application, which means you can edit your photos if you have an internet connection. To use this application, you can simply go to their website, sign up for an account, then choose which Pixlr platform you will be using. Once you've decided on the feature that you will be using. You can proceed with making your masterpiece come to life.

Benefits of Pixlr

Since Pixlr is an online editing platform, it has multiple benefits for its users. This includes:

· Portability

· Can support layers and masks

· Customizable interface

Disadvantages of Pixlr

Even though Pixlr is a web application it also possesses disadvantages. For an instance, it requires Flash, and advertisements are being shown now and then, which may distract you.

There are various platforms and software that you can try and check out. To know which among them is the perfect fit for you and your photo editing needs. Above all, try out WPS and its promising features and functions that will not only help you organize your files. But also, make your photos livelier and look professionally made. You can download the WPS Office to get the Word, Excel, and PPT functions. Aside from that memberships of WPS Office are for free!

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